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George Foreman Grills: A Hit or Miss to Your Heavily Weighted Belt?


Looking to "knock out the fat" from your daily meals? Anyone confronted with the daunting task of starting a diet will know the feeling of coming up against a giant - where to start, how to go about attacking such a seemingly perilous opponent?  It's enough to give you vertigo!

Well, who better to start your training in healthy living with than a champion boxer? The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machines, or George Foreman Grills, as they are affectionately known, might be the answer to your fat-fighting prayers.

Love meat? We do. Hate fat? Us too! That's why we decided to dig a little deeper into these miracle machines and put them to the test.

Round One: The Man Behind the Grill

Nicknamed "Big George" for a reason, George Edward Foreman is a former world class champion boxer. His most memorable fights occurred early on in his career, namely his knockout against Joe Frazier and an honorary loss against the legend Muhammad Ali in "The Rumble in the Jungle" match of 1974. With a total tally of 81 fights, 76 wins, and 68 wins by knockout George Foreman has been ranked as number 9 of the 100 greatest punchers of all time!

George Foreman even became the oldest fighter to ever be a heavyweight boxing champion of the world at age 45, and now at age 62 he's still looking good, so how does he do it? Well, if clever marketing is to be believed, it's all thanks to the living legend's legendary lifestyle!

Round Two: Fats VS. Grilling

George Foreman may be a heavyweight champion, but we doubt that's what you had in mind for your fitness goals. Living a longer and more satisfying life is not necessarily easy, but very possible, especially with the help of one of these barbeque grills.

This type of grill is an electrically heated machines that utilizes, in their most basic form, a top and bottom grill. These dual grills are put into a clamshell design and angled, indented, and coated in a non-stick surface. The result? A machine that requires no oils or fat to cook with, delivers moist results, and even drains natural fats previously hiding within the meat!

That's one mean grilling machine! But does it work? Well, the numbers speak for themselves at over 100 million units sold since George first announced in infomercials, "It's so good I put my name on it!"

So, is this grill a winner by knockout? Let's find out...

Round Three: Barbeque Grills for Everyone
GR236CTR Image3

These BBQ grills have the refreshing attribute of coming in a large variety of sizes with individual points of focus. For example, there is the classic and durable Champ grill fit for any college dorm. In contrast, there is the Evolve grill that goes beyond to include grilling and baking with a mini burger insert!

There are indoor units, outdoor units, and even models with griddle plates for hotcakes too! Putting it mildly - there are grills to suit the needs of everyone! That's pretty impressive so we'll give yet another round to Mr. Foreman's excellent performance.

The Final Round: Healthy Grilling for You

It's the small touches that really count and the fact that the grills' website, offers several pages aimed at helping you stick to your new diet is a nice gesture. Mr. Foreman cares and he "grills" you on your diet and lifestyle - have you started your day with a good breakfast? Did you work up a sweat during your work out? Have you been balancing good food choices?

George even has a healthy cooking website with some great recipes to guide you in the right direction and "knock out" the fat from foods that can lead back to bad habits. Helping you transition to a new lifestyle is a key element of all these grilling units, more than your ordinary gadget, the "Foreman Lifestyle" is a comprehensive way of living. To us, that's world-class technique.

It's like Big George is right here with us, giving us tips, showing us where we went wrong, and holding the punching bag as we make the necessary blows - cross after jab - to start a new and healthier life!

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