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The Advantages of Keeping Warm with a Propane Gas Heater

A propane gas heater is outdoor heating at its best. Whether you use a propane gas heater for commercial or personal purposes, it can heat spaces quickly and effectively, providing a warmer environment for everyone.

This winter, consider using a propane gas heater to stay warm. These gas heaters cost pennies to run. They're a great source of warmth, making it possible for you to warm spaces that are otherwise difficult to heat.

So what is a propane gas heater and how does it work? A propane gas heater is a heating device that makes use of pressurized gas to increase the room temperature.

Different grades offer higher or lower BTU/hr. BTUs - or British Thermal Units - refers to heat output. Depending on how large an area you want to heat should determine the BTU/hr emitted.

Propane Gas Heater

Propane gas heaters are primarily used to heat garage, industrial, and outdoor areas. Most options require venting, so consider the space you want to heat and whether or not there's adequate ventilation.

Below I list a few recommendations for gas heating, where to use one, why and when. If you're looking to heat your garage or outdoor area, a propane gas heater is an excellent choice. This gas heater is going to keep you and anyone within heating range warm.

Using a Gas Heater

Garage: Men - don't feel as if you can't spend time in the garage during the winter. Consider using a propane gas heater to keep your space warm. There's no reason why you can't enjoy your hobbies in the winter.

Whether you live in California where the weather is mild or you live in New York where winters are colder, a propane gas heater will create a warm space for you to enjoy. So if you like spending time in the garage, working on the car, working out, or going through memorabilia, a propane gas heater makes it possible for you to do it in comfort.

Camping: If you love the outdoors and you're an avid camper, consider taking a propane gas heater with you. If you're backpacking in the snow or even ice fishing, using this gas heater to stay warm is a great idea.

Most models are small, lightweight, and easy to use. It's much easier than firewood, and when it's cold, finding dry kindle can be difficult. Be prepared and pack a portable propane gas heater. It's a great way to enjoy camping all year long. A propane gas heater creates a warmer, adequate environment in minutes.

Outdoor Entertaining: If you're spending time at home this winter, enjoy outdoor entertaining with a propane gas heater. Designed specifically for patio heating, this type of gas heater can keep you and your guests sufficiently warm. Don't be forced to keep your party guests inside or eliminate BBQ from your dining repertoire.

Freestanding patio and tabletop patio heaters are propane gas heaters designed for outdoor entertaining. Even if you're spending a quiet evening at home with your family, this gas heater makes it possible to breach the indoors and enjoy the backyard. Outdoor cooking doesn't have to end because winter's arrived.

Workplace: If you're looking to heat an industrial space or construction site, this is the best way to do it. Many propane gas heaters offer high BTU/hr to heat spaces as large as 4500 sq. ft. You and your employees can stay warm while working. Create a warm, comfortable working environment in minutes. A propane gas heater is a great way to deal with the winter cold.

A few features making them ideal:

  • Mobile
  • Heat large spaces
  • Durable
  • Variable heat angles
  • Variable heat settings

A propane gas heater can endure a rugged work environment. It's designed to weather the elements, so if you're using it to heat a construction site or a factory, you'll be amazed at how effective it truly is. The unit's compact size keeps it out of the way, and its portability makes it easy to transport from location to location.

What Characterizes the Gas Heater's Effectiveness?

BTU's: The higher the BTU the more heat a propane gas heater produces and the larger the coverage area. So if you're looking to heat an industrial space or construction site, choose a propane gas heater with at least 50,000 BTU/hr. A propane gas heater with a high BTU can heat up to 5,000 sq. ft. of space.

If you're looking to warm a smaller area, then select an option with 15,000 BTU/hr, heating up to 200 sq. ft. of space. Propane gas heaters boast higher BTU's than their competitor - the electric heater - that's why using a propane gas heater to warm a large space is an efficient choice.

CFM: CFM refers to airflow per minute. The higher the CFM the more warm air is pushed through the vents. A propane gas heater higher CFM will cover large spaces quicker than one with a low CFM. A CFM of 435 is ideal for smaller spaces, thus a lower coverage area. A CFM of 600 will spread heat over a 4,000 sq. ft. area.

Choosing a BTU and CFM should depend on the space you wish to heat and how warm you want it to be.

Why Should You Choose to Use a Propane Gas Heater?

Now you know the benefits of using a propane gas heater - plus where, when, and why to use them. Propane gas heaters are perfect for a variety of settings. They're capable of heating large spaces and providing enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

They're protective of the ozone layer, making them environmentally friendly, and they're easy to use.

Remember to always use a propane gas heater in a well-ventilated area. It's important to follow manufacturer instructions at all times. Following the guidelines for safe use, you can benefit from a propane gas heater. Many models offer adjustable heat settings for personalized comfort and because they're compact they take up very little space.

These gas heaters are lightweight and easily transportable. They're practical too, meaning they are a great option for a variety of situations. Gas heaters spread warmth evenly and offer safety features for added security. Choose to use a propane gas heater this winter!

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