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Garage Heaters

Make the most out of your garage space with a garage heater. Air & Water carries top brands like NewAir, Dayton, and Qmark that are guaranteed to warm the space effectively. Browse through our inventory of electric, gas, and portable garage heaters for sale. Compare prices and features today!


How to Choose a Garage Heater

Most garages are not as insulated as the rest of the home to which they are connected. This lack of insulation makes it difficult for regular electric space heaters to provide enough heat to warm these areas. Electric garage heaters are a convenient way to warm garages. They provide high output heat and blasts of warm air directly onto the body. Also, electric heat is 100% efficient because all of the electricity used is converted into heat.

Fan-forced electric garage heaters are inexpensive, easy to operate, and maintenance-free when compared to hot water, natural gas or propane garage heaters. They are able to heat areas where other heating solutions may be difficult to install, expensive or impractical. They convert electrical energy into heat. The heating element is an electrical resistor. An electric current flowing through a resistor converts the electrical energy into heat energy. The air is then moved past the heating element by an electric fan. This reduces the thermal resistance between the heating element and the air and the heat is transferred more quickly. The hot air leaves the garage heater and warms the surrounding area. Although heating is rapid, operation may be noisy because of the fan.

Here are a couple of other things to consider when purchasing a garage heater:

Thermostat Control

In what way will the heater control the release and strength of the heat? An included thermostat will cycle the heater to maintain the desired temperature. Built-in thermostats are featured on most electric garage heaters. If there is not one on the model you have chosen it is a good idea to install a wall or unit mounted thermostat to tell the heater when to run.

Safety Features

The great thing about electric garage heaters is that they deliver clean heat without any odor, no by-products of combustion, no open flame, no messy oil and no dangerous natural gas. Electric garage heaters usually have a feature call high temperature cut-out that turns the heater off if it gets too hot.


There is very little maintenance involved when you purchase an electric garage heater. The casing is usually treated for corrosion resistance. The only moving parts are the motors and fan assemblies which are easily replaceable.


Some electric garage heaters include a versatile mounting bracket that allows attachment to the wall and/or ceiling. It is important to keep in mind the manufacturer's recommended clearances from walls, ceilings and combustible materials. Also, never use the heater when flammable gases or particles are present in the air. The circuit feeding the heater must also be sufficient to carry the amperage the heater requires. Electric garage heaters are usually available in a permanently installed hardwired configuration or a plugged-in portable configuration that will often require a special receptacle.

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