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How to Install a Garage Heater


Why do I need a garage heater? Is it more efficient?

It is best to use a garage heater in situations where you have a large room like a garage, outdoor patio, or a large workspace. Most garage heaters are designed to heat a one car garage.

Electric garage heaters work best when used in this type of situation because you don't need to worry about venting any propane fumes.

Electric heat is much more efficient; for example, electric heating uses 100% of the electricity and turns it into heat. Propane gas uses 80% of the fuel for heat and the other 20% is a byproduct of the fuel. When using propane gas or natural gas, you are giving off a byproduct from the fossil fuels, where as electric heat does not give off any byproducts.

Electric heaters can be mounted in several ways therefore saving you space in your workplace or garage. You are not using a fuel that needs to be replaced and saving that time it takes to refill a tank or fuel line. An electric heater does not need to run with a fossil fuel and therefore never gets build up, giving you a longer living heater.

Keep in mind how large your garage is and how many BTUs of heat you will need to adequately heat your garage. Too much is not always good, as you can over use the unit and end up spending more electricity than you want to. Always try to get the perfect fit. Also, electric garage heaters feature overheat protection if you unit ever gets too warm it will shut off automatically.



How do I install a garage heater?

A garage heater is usually not too big and they come readily available with mounting kits so that the unit is out of your way, saving you space. You can mount a garage heater to a ceiling or a wall depending on your situation. This makes keeping your free space a breeze because you can easily mount it and it is out of your way, not to mention keeping you warm and you don't even need to think about it.

Most garage heaters are mounted on the ceiling as seen below. Some models need to be wired into your electrical by an electrician or trained professional. There are other models that are easy to mount and plug in, and then you are ready to go. All electrical garage heaters that we carry are thermostatically controlled and can we wired to a thermostat on the wall if desired. We have added a few pictures of garage heaters that are mounted already to show you the functionality of these units.

Do remember when you are mounting the unit there are minimum specifications on how close the units can be mounted to a wall or any objects. The length of the space is mentioned in the manual and should be followed strictly to improve efficiency of the unit.

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