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Why Coffee Connoisseurs Love the French Press


French Press coffee makers were first developed in the 1850's. It's one of the oldest forms of making coffee in the world, and despite more than a century's worth of technological advances, the process for using a press pot remains the same today.

Both the design and process of the French press contribute to one of the greatest benefits of using a press pot coffee maker - its simplicity. All you need to enjoy delicious French press coffee is a press pot, boiling water, and coarsely ground coffee.

Not only are these coffee makers easy to use and delicious to enjoy, they're also a favorite of coffee connoisseurs across the globe. There are a number of reasons for this:

Bold Flavor

First, they produce a bold, pure coffee that you cannot get from other coffee making methods. Because the coffee grounds mingle directly with the boiling water, pressed coffee offers the purist form of flavor and aroma.

Due to the simple process, there's no opportunity for paper filters or mechanical pieces to interrupt or disrupt the brewing either. The press pot process also allows for the oils that a filter traps to seep into the beverage, thus providing a richer flavor and a bolder aroma that coffee lovers cherish.

The process also fails to trap the coffee's oils like a paper or mechanical filter would, resulting in a stronger tasting, bolder and more aromatic coffee for your enjoyment. Additionally, there's no chance of sediment in the machine affecting the flavor.

A press pot also allows you to decide exactly how strong the coffee is. For a weaker cup, let it brew for one or two minutes. For a much stronger and bolder cup, let it brew for four to five minutes, or even longer depending on your tastes.



While few connoisseurs will admit it, the simplicity of both the design of the press and the process used make coffee is quite attractive.

They don't require any electricity to operate - outside of heating the water, and the brewing process is easy.

Simply place your ground coffee at the bottom of the press pot and pour boiling water into the container. Stir it with a non-metal spoon and then let it sit for one to five minutes.

Once it has brewed to your desired strength and flavor, simply push the grounds to the bottom of the press pot using the plunger. It's just that easy!

Making coffee and controlling the flavor is easy with this option. It's one of the features that make the press so attractive to coffee lovers.

Low Cost

The French press is also inexpensive compared to normal drip coffee makers or single serving pod coffee makers. They cost almost nothing to operate, save the price of coffee beans or ground coffee. Despite being inexpensive, there's nothing cheap about the type of coffee produced by this option.

Many connoisseurs would happily pit their French press up against the most expensive of coffee makers - and with good reason. Additionally, there are no filters to buy or replace. Cleanup is simple and maintenance is virtually nonexistent.

Good Looks

A French press coffee maker consists of simply a narrow cylinder, typically made of glass or clear plastic, along with a lid and plunger that's typically made of steel or a similar material. The pleasing aesthetics of a press pot make it even more appealing for the coffee connoisseur, since it can easily fit in with your normal kitchen decor and style.

 A French press also stands out from the crowd, and can give off an aura of superiority that  connoisseurs, or any other connoisseur for that matter, truly love.

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