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Window Air Conditioner FAQ

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Q: Why use a window air conditioner?

A: Window AC's have many benefits such as reduced space requirements, better efficiency and ease of use. Plus, they work in almost all environments: dry or wet. They cool effectively and keep moisture levels down too.

Many options offer adjustable thermostats for cooling control, quiet operation for nightttime cooling, and most models include either an Energy Star rating or economy setting to save you money on your energy bill.

Q: Why are window air conditioners more efficient?

Window Air Conditioner FAQA: Because they're installed into the window, these air conditioners vent directly to the outdoors. There is no exhaust tubing to re-release heat into the room. The cool air this AC generates is not mixed with hot outdoor air, thus reducing the ACs run time and maintaining a cooler indoor temperature simultaneously.

It's a great feature that makes cooling bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens easy. This design makes these handy coolers easier to install too. There's no exhaust or vent hoese to deal with.

Q: Is the installation hard?

A: All window coolers come with an installation kit and usually install in 15-20 minutes. Simply follow manufacturer insstruction for installation, then just plug it in!

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