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5 Ways to Go Green with an Electric Water Heater


Did you know that the United States is one of the lowest rated countries when it comes to going green? According to Newsweek Magazine the United States ranks 39 of 149 countries in its efforts to create a greener living environment. The top 5 ranked countries include: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Costa Rica.

If you find this as surprising as I do, then keep reading to learn about ways you can be a little greener in your daily life.

As going green is gaining popularity in the United States so is this electric water heater alternative.

1. Eliminate Standby Heat Loss

Gas water heaters store hot water for future use. This wastes precious energy. The heating element works around the clock to keep the water warm, so you're paying to heat water whether you're using it or not.

Tankless electric water heaters don't store hot water for future use, so standby heat loss is eliminated. This eradicates energy waste and allows you to monitor how much energy is actually being used.

Heating water on an as needed basis instead of storing it is a much more efficient process.


2. Use Electricity Instead of Gas

Studies show that the more efficient a product is the less energy is wasted. Tankless water heaters are 99% more efficient than tanked gas water heaters. You use the hot water produced. Because hot water is produced on an as needed basis, all of the hot water produced is used.

Choosing an electric over gas will save you money over time. Keep reading to learn how.

A 40 gallon tanked gas water heater does not always keep 40 gallons of hot water ready. As soon as you draw water out of the tank, cold water enters to replace it. As a result, you're only getting about 20-30 gallons of hot water at a time.

There's a hot water loss of 10-20 gallons, making tanked gas water heaters only 70-80% efficient.

Because electric water heaters produce water on an as needed basis, hot water loss is eliminated, making this choice a much more economical option.

3. Project Zero Emissions

Tanked gas water heaters require extensive venting to safely and effectively heat water. Using natural gas, propane, or oil as a source of fuel can be costly, not to mention the kinds of emissions projected. These emissions are harmful to the environment.

With a water heater that uses electric there are no emissions produced. Keeping the planet clean and cutting down on how much pollution is produced is an excellent way to go green.

Since there are no emissions to worry about, there's no venting required either, an added benefit anyone can appreciate. These water heaters promote clean air efficiency.

4. Enjoy Years of Use

On average tanked gas water heaters last 8-12 yrs. For this reason, millions of tanked water heaters are discarded every year.

These water heaters offer a long lifespan that exceeds nearly 20 yrs. This longer lifespan means less expense for the homeowner, and less harm to the environment.

Why opt for a water heater that needs constant maintenance and frequent replacing. Gas water heaters are combustible and prone to leaks and corrosion too. Enjoy less maintenance, cost-effective hot water production, and years of reliable use with an electric hot water heater.

5. Decrease Landfill Consumption

A tanked gas unit takes up more space than tankless. Save space in the home; tankless water heaters are a lot smaller and using one will lessen your contribution to the landfill problem.

Consider the millions of large tanked gas water heaters that are discarded every year. The goal in going green is to reduce landfill consumption. Clearly tankless units are an ideal choice.

40HI-LP Image5

If you're looking to go green and want to do your part, using a tankless water heater makes a significant contribution.

How to Get the Most from a Tankless Model

  • Enjoy a Tax Credit - Purchase a tankless unit and earn a little extra spending money. There's a tax credit available for those going green.
  • Change the Way You Shower - Use an energy efficient shower head to control water flow. These shower heads are efficient and effective.
  • Washing Dishes - Hand washing dishes from time to time reduces water use. Fill a sink with soapy suds and give your dishwasher a rest.
  • Clothes Washing - Occasionally hand wash and line dry clothes. Not only does it extend the life of your clothing but it's a great way to reduce energy use.

Swap your tanked gas water heater for a tankless electric water heater and know you're doing your part in the green movement.

Going green doesn't have to be difficult and you don't have to run out and buy anew water heater now, but when the time comes to replace the one you have, consider choosing a greener option.

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