Our Best Evaporative Coolers

When summer approaches, many people living in hot, dry areas turn to evaporative coolers, otherwise known as swamp coolers, to stay cool and comfortable.  Because evaporative coolers are relatively inexpensive, use less electricity than conventional air conditioning units, and require little to no installation, they are perfect for cost-effectively lowering the ambient temperature in dry climates.

When choosing an evaporative cooler, certain factors such as the size of the area you wish to cool, the unit's CFM rating, and water tank capacity are important.  We've listed of some our best evaporative coolers below: 

Luma Comfort EC220W
This evaporative cooler works without the need of a compressor. It can efficiently cool large rooms up to 650 square feet and features 1650 CFRM to provide maximum airflow. With 3 air vents, it works more effectively than any other evaporative cooler in its size. It also uses high efficiency honey-comb cooling pads.MORE INFO
Port-A-Cool 16" Portable Evaporative Cooler
The Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT Evaporative Cooler offers 3,900 CFMs of cooling power. This vertical tank model also covers up to 900 square feet, making it perfect for medium-sized areas. This product is part of the Pro Series and can reduce the temperature by 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on conditions. MORE INFO
NewAir AF-310
Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable area without taking up a lot of space with the NewAir AF-310 swamp cooler. This unit is incredibly compact taking up on as much room as a tower fan, while still offering enough cooling power to cool spaces up to 75 sq. ft.MORE INFO
Luma Comfort EC110S
The beautiful finish on the Luma Comfort EC110S portable swamp cooler is sure to add a stylish touch to any room. This portable swamp cooler by Luma Comfort is a great choice if you need a powerful unit to efficiently cool a small to medium sized room. The EC110S can easily cool up to 250 square feet which is ample power for a standard sized office, bedroom, nursery or patio.MORE INFO
Symphony Ninja
Enjoy complete comfort with the Symphony Ninja portable evaporative cooler, which features a 33 foot air throw and effectively cools spaces up to 150 square feet. Plus, it boasts humidity control feature for added comfort and convenience.MORE INFO
Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S
The Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S portable evaporative cooler provides maximum cooling power to large areas. With a coverage area of up to 4,000 square feet, you know that this evaporative cooler can get the job done. The 48" fan blades provide 11,000 CFMs of cooling power through the science of evaporative cooling.MORE INFO

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