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The Best Home Dehumidifier for Your Living Space

Water Drops

If you're experiencing high humidity levels, you need to get them under control. One of the best ways to eliminate humidity is with a home dehumidifier.

Humidity levels that are too high can cause condensation to form on windows, walls, and doors. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, corrosion and deterioration. The best way to protect the foundation of your home, carpets, and furnishings is to maintain a humidity level no higher than 45%.

When humidity levels are too low, typically below 30%, it can harm your home too. This problem leads to dry, harsh conditions, causing wood to splinter and crack, paint to peel off the walls, and furnishings to dry out and fall apart. Low humidity levels can be just as damaging as high ones.

Excessive moisture can also lead to health problems, so it's important to be aware of your surroundings and maintain proper levels as much as possible. High humidity can cause allergies, the development of mold spores, and an abundance of dust mites to form. Keeping humidity under control prevents these issues.

Relative humidity is measured by the amount of water vapor in the air. To measure the relative humidity in your home, invest in a hygrometer. This handy devise will monitor humidity levels so you can obtain perfect results.

Below are dehumidifiers for a variety of settings. Before you make your decision consider which one is right for you.

Whole house dehumidifier

Moisture Control

If you're trying to control humidity throughout your home and need to cover a lot of space then you need to consider a whole house dehumidifier that can cover up to 3,000sq. ft. If you're home is exceptionally large you might need two units. Look for a model with the following features:

Adjustable humidistat: This feature makes it easy to control how much moisture the unit actually removes from the air.

50 pint or more capacity: The higher the capacity the more moisture removal the unit is capable of. If you're trying to control moisture throughout the home then you need a large capacity dehumidifier.

Eco-friendly: Because you're using this unit to control moisture over a large area consider looking for a model with an Energy Star rating and an R-410a refrigerant. This will keep energy costs down and won't emit any harmful chemical into the environment.

Room dehumidifier

Heater Sun Room

If you want to dehumidify one room at a time, then look for a room dehumidifier. Most models cover up to 300 sq. ft. of space and are portable. This kind of unit is perfect for apartments and dorm rooms.

30 pint capacity: A 30 pint moisture removal is ideal for dehumidifying one room at a time. If you're trying to control moisture in the bedroom or living room then this size dehumidifier is the best type.

Mobility features: The first thing to consider is portability. You need a model that's easily transferable. Look for a carrying handle and casters. These features are designed to make moving the unit from room to room easy.

Continuous dehumidifying/humidity settings: Choose a model that offers either continuous dehumidifying for constant humidity control or humidity settings so the unit will turn on and off as needed. This feature prevents over use.

Personal dehumidifier

Personal Dehumidifier

If you're trying to control humidity levels in small areas like a closet, automobile, or office then you need a personal dehumidifier. The units are small, fitting incompact spaces easily. Typically these are low maintenance models and don't require the removal and emptying of a water tank.

.6 pint capacity: A .6 pint capacity moisture removal is perfect for controlling humidity levels in small spaces like an RV, closet, or automobile. It removes just enough moisture to prevent condensation from forming in these enclosed areas.

Desiccant technology: Whole house and room dehumidifiers usually use compressor technology to dehumidify the living space. Personal dehumidifiers feature desiccant technology that's very low maintenance. It's a crystallized silica gel that's reusable for up to 10 years.

Wall mountable: Most personal dehumidifiers are wall mountable. If it's not then it fits on top of tables and counters easily. The best option is one that can be freestanding or wall mountable for versatility. This makes placement easy.

There are a variety of options to choose from, each benefit your home in different ways and provide exceptional results.

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