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Have Questions About Ice Makers? This Guide Can Help!

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1. Do the portable ice makers keep the ice frozen?

Portable ice makers don't keep the ice frozen. Once the ice is made it will stay cold for a short period of time. When it starts to melt, the water is recycled back into the water reservoir so it can be reused for more ice production.

2. How quickly does the ice melt?

There is no way to know how long it will take for the ice you make to melt. There are several factors that play a role in how long it actually lasts. If the ice maker is placed in warm room, the ice will melt faster. If you're using it outdoors on a hot day, it's going to melt quickly too. If you're using it indoors and during the winter season it might last a little longer.

3. Will the ice maker shut off once the basket is full?

Most models come with an automatic shut off feature to stop ice production when the basket is full. They also come equipped with a full basket indicator light to let you know you still have ice available. You never have to worry about producing more ice than the basket can hold. If you need more ice, simply empty the basket, fill the machine with water, and press start.

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4. How many pounds are made per day?

How much ice the machine produces depends on the unit. Some models make 12 lbs. of ice per day and some make 50. You should determine how often and for what reasons you'll be using the ice maker. If you're taking it camping you might want a smaller more portable unit. If you entertain at home a lot and you plan to make large quantities of ice for drink service etc., you might want a larger unit.

The average storage capacity is about 2.5 lbs. However, like ice production this will vary from unit to unit.

5. What kind of ice does it produce?

Most units make three different ice sizes: small, medium, and large. This, however, also depends on the unit. Depending on what you will be using the machine for, you might want to verify before purchasing what kind of ice it produces. The large size ice is similar in size to the one your standard refrigerator freezer makes.

A Few Helpful Ice Tips Just for Fun

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Clear ice is becoming more and more popular and every one wants to know how to make it. Following a few simple tips it's easy.

  • Use distilled, purified, natural spring or bottled water
  • If you really want ideal results, boil it first to remove any air
  • Let the water cool slightly, then pour into trays and freeze

Hint: Use trays other than plastic for even better results

Forms of ice: cubed, cracked, and shaved

  • Cubed ice: Are great for mixing just about any beverage, mixing, shaking, stirring, drinks on the rocks, juices, and soda. Because this ice type is thicker it melts slower.
  • Cracked ice: This type of ice melts faster and is best for making frozen drinks like a slushie or blended smoothie.
  • Shaved ice: This ultra fine ice is great for a shaker and making a snow cone or a slurry cocktail.

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