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Air Purifier Quick Guide -- All About Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners


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1. What are the first points to consider when choosing an air purifier?

Consider what sized particle you would like your air purifier to remove, as different machines come with different capabilities. The type of purification system is key, along with the volume it will require to operate. You will want to certainly consider the size of the room you would like to purify and how much the cost of each square foot covered will amount to. Other costs to keep in mind are those of electricity, the additional or replacement parts, and how often these will need to purchased. You will most likely want to take into consideration other aesthetic and physical elements as well, such as size and color. Plus, do not forget to keep an eye out for a money-back guarantee and a warranty!

2. What should I expect my future air purifier to remove and purify?

People carry dirt and dust, so first and foremost, an air purifier will help purify what people leave behind! Along with dust particles, you should find an air purifier that will help keep dust and unclean elements from your carpet, plywood or other construction materials, mattresses, blankets, and pillows, all furniture, and HVAC systems. You need to have an air purifier that rids your breathing space from household cleaning products, aerosols, insecticides, humidity and anything else that is too moist and can harbor bacteria, pets, insects and other bugs, food, and cigarette smoke.

3. Do I really need a top-quality air purifier?

Especially if your home or building was built in the last 20 years, if it has several sources of indoor air pollution, or if you have asthma or some other respiratory condition (such as hay fever), then you are probably more sensitive to the indoor air quality problem. Also, if your home has excessive moisture or if you have a continuous problem with leaks, then you are more likely to have mold and dust mites that need to be taken care of. Air purifiers will certainly help reduce the amount of medication needed by you or a family member if someone in your household suffers from asthma. Many asthma medications are reactive, meaning they are taken to relieve asthma attacks generally caused by environmental triggers. Clearly, removing environmental triggers will result in a decrease of attacks! Considering all of the side effects, discomfort, and financial costs imposed by asthma, other respiratory conditions, and overall health, finding a top-of-the-line air purifier will pay off and may even be the deciding factor in answering your health problems!

4. Should I be considering the ozone-release factor when I choose an air purifier?

Ozone has several effects. It is harmless and useful at moderate concentrations, but harmful, only, at extremely high levels. Think of chlorine in your swimming pool: the chlorine functions to protect you from germs traveling through the water, but if this chlorine is available to your body at a high level, it could be fatal. Electronic air purifiers will not produce ozone at a level higher than what is considered healthy for an outdoor setting. Negative ion and ozone air purifiers clean the air inside the same way nature does outside: emitting the world's most powerful and pure air-cleansing agents: negative ions and moderate amounts of ozone.

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