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Top 5 Reasons to Install an Exhaust Fan In Your Home


If you've never considered installing an exhaust fan in your home, you should probably rethink that decision. Exhaust fans are great for a number of reasons. They cool indoor spaces, ventilate hot stuffy air, and can effectively prevent excess moisture from building up in damp areas.

If you have an air conditioning system, using an exhaust fan can definitely save you money and help keep energy costs down too. It costs only pennies to run an exhaust fan whereas an AC can cost hundreds of dollars. Especially if you the unit all the time.  

There are three main types of exhaust fans: window, attic, and bathroom. Each are effective and serve a specific purpose. Each option is designed to keep your home in tip top shape in a cost effective way.

Review the top 5 reasons to install a window exhaust fan in your home, then browse our selection and choose one that will not only battle the heat on warm days but also keep your home in the best possible condition.   

1. Easy installation

Exhaust fans are really easy to install. Most models come with complete instructions and a kit to simplify the task. All you need is a few basics tools and maybe a step ladder if you're installing one in the bathroom. It's a great DIY project for even the novice home handy man.  

A window exhaust fan is even easier. Simply set it in the window, expand the side panels, and plug it in. Enjoy a cooler indoor space in minutes.   

2. Give your AC a break


If you have an air conditioning system, you can install an exhaust fan and give your AC a break. On hot summery days, we tend to reach for the AC to keep us cool and comfortable. There's really no need to do that with a simple window exhaust fan.

Installing one of these units in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, will not only keep you cool and comfortable, but it will also allow you to stay cool when running an air conditioning system is too expensive. With energy costs on the rise and many people going green, a window exhaust fan is a great alternative source of cooling. Reduce temperatures, circulate the air, and save money at the same time.   

3. Keep indoor spaces comfortable


Did you know that this ventilating system can replace hot, stuffy air in an average room in approximately two hours? Window exhaust fans are a great way to control indoor temperatures and lower the ambient temperature by 10° - 20° F. 

And because they're not permanently installed, it can be placed in almost any window easily. Invest in one window exhaust fan and move it from room to room as needed. Use it in the bedroom at night, in the kitchen when you're cooking, or in the living room during the afternoon.  

4. Preserve family heirlooms and increase AC efficiency


Did you know that an attic can get as hot as 150° - 160° F. during a summer day? Outside temperatures might be as low as 95° F.  Because the cooling load of the AC depends upon the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Your AC will have to work overtime to keep this space cool. 

Using an attic fan to control heat levels will help your air conditioning system to work more effectively. This saves money on electric bills and helps preserve the lifespan of your AC unit too.

Another great reason to install an attic fan is to keep the insulation and construction of the attic in good condition. As moisture builds, damage to wood and insulation can be severe. Using an attic fan to control moisture levels is a must. Not to mention the fact that it keeps the things you store up there in good condition too.  


5. Control bathroom moisture

Bathroom exhaust fans are a household necessity. Especially if you have family members that love long, hot showers. Without one, moisture builds up on the walls and fixtures. Prevent the growth of mold and mildew by simply installing this fan. 

Another great reason to install a bathroom fan is that they keep you warm on cold mornings. Some of them come with heaters, so you can feel warm when you get out of the shower.

It's a great feature that keeps you comfortable. Many models also include nightlights so you can find your way around at 3 am.  


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