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Window Air Conditioners, Conserving Energy, and Cutting Energy Costs!

So you're thinking about buying a window air conditioner. Perhaps you're shopping around. Maybe you're wondering if buying a window air conditioner is a good idea. Are you worried about the expense? Well, don't be! Buying a window air conditioner is a big decision but it's also a good one.


Staying cool over the coming months is a great idea and using a window air conditioner to do it is too. In fact, I will go a step further and say that it might be the best investment you'll make this season.

There's no better way to relax than sitting in a room with a window air conditioner to keep you cool. Not to mention the fact that a good window air conditioner can really save you money! How, do you ask? Keep reading and I'll tell you.

Going green and staying cool sounds like an oxymoron right? After all, you have to use energy to run a window air conditioner, but it's possible to love the environment and stay cool at the same time. Window air conditioners have changed over the years.

Many of today's window air conditioners are Energy Star qualified, which means they are environmentally friendly. So if you're going green with the rest of the population, but you need a way to keep cool, there are options.

Window Air Conditioners and the Environment

Install one where you need it most. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, perhaps the family room, a place where you watch TV or play games? Do your pets need to stay cool? Consider your needs. Then make a decision. Once you've decided where to place your window air conditioner, pick a unit that meets your energy saving requirements.

Many window air conditioners offer unique energy saving designs that cool rooms effectively. Some window air conditioners allow you to pre-program them, set timers, and choose temperatures. Today's window air conditioners will run according to the settings you select. You remember the window air conditioners that ran for hours and hours until turned off. Those days are over.

According to the settings you choose, your window air conditioner will turn on and off on its own. Having this option allows you to cut energy costs. You can be environmentally conscious and save money on your energy bill at the same time.

Window air conditioners, if installed properly, can save you money

According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the best way to cut energy costs is to use Energy Star qualified window air conditioners, doing so will save you "$100 in energy costs over the lifetime of the unit." That's a lot! Once you've purchased your Energy Star qualified window air conditioner, install it correctly. Installing your window air conditioner correctly can cut your energy costs dramatically. Window air conditioners are easy to install. I've installed one myself and reaped the rewards.

Most window air conditioners come with easy-to-install window kits that include detailed instructions, a window mount, seal, and screws. All you need is a screwdriver--it's that simple. Once you've installed your window air conditioner, check the window to make sure there are no gaps or small openings around the unit. This is an important energy saving tip.

Don't allow cold air to escape the room through gaps and cracks. You just might need some caulking or additional foam to seal any gaps between your window air conditioner and the window. I found these items at my local hardware store. They're simple to use.

Window air conditioners are a great investment. Mine doesn't cost me much to run, and I sleep in cool comfort during the warm summer months. My window air conditioner is also Energy Star qualified. It has programming options, and even includes a remote control. It shuts on and off according to the temperature I set. I like it so much, I've elected to install window air conditioners in other areas of my home.

So if you care about the environment, but want to stay cool this season, consider how much window air conditioners have changed and opt for one. You won't regret it!


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