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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Air & Water customer photo gallery.  Because we'd like to see how our customers are enjoying their products, we're giving you the opportunity to have your photo displayed on this page.

  • Purchase any product from Air & Water. 
  • Take one or more pictures of the products in action.  After all, we'd like to see how your portable air conditioner is keeping your bedroom cool, how your ice maker is keeping your drinks frosty, and how your air purifier is helping you breathe easier.  Remember, creativity is always appreciated!
  • Keep your images < 75 kb and if you're familiar with photo editing, try to optimize them for web delivery.  Our only request is that you don't send zip files. 
  • E-mail your photo(s) to us at and we'll post them in this photo gallery.
    (if you would like to remain anonymous please let us know)
  • Please Note: We're sometimes inundated with images, so it may take us a few days to publish your action shot.  The day we receive your image determines which month you'll be eligible to win.  Also keep in mind that not all submitted photos will necessarily be posted; only those that happen to fit the above criteria. 

Take a look at our gallery of satisfied customers with their products below:





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