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The benefits of superior heating are at your fingertips. Our selection of quality electric wall heaters includes tops brands like Dimplex, Dyna-Glow, King and Cadet. These units are safe and reliable. Compare price and features below.

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How to Choose the Perfect Electric Wall Heater:

Electric wall heaters allow you to enjoy cozy warmth without taking up valuable space in your home.  These units are ideal for heating bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and many more indoor spaces.  We offer several different makes and models that come with many different features to match your lifestyle.  Here are a few ideas to consider and features to look for when choosing your new wall heater.

Coverage Area

Choosing an electric wall heater that's powerful enough to keep your space warm is very important.  Most electric wall heaters are ideal for warming individuals rooms and some can even heat areas up to 400 square feet! While you are looking at the various wall heaters, be sure to check the area it is designed to warm.  Also, take a look at the watts and BTUs per hour to get an idea of how effective the wall heater will be at warming your space.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a new wall heater.  Look for key features like a built-in thermal cut out, a thermal fuse and indicator lights.  Other safety features to consider when purchasing an electric wall heater include cool to touch surfaces,

Wall Mounting Style

Wall heaters come in three basic mounting styles for you to choose from.  As you are considering different wall heaters, be sure to think about what type of mounting style makes sense for your home.  Here are some common mounting styles that you can choose from:

  • Recessed Mount - This wall mount type takes a bit more effort than other the other mount types because you have to actually install the wall heater into the wall.  However, the convenient space saving design and sleek look is worth it, especially if the electric heater is being used in a compact space!

  • Surface Mount - This mounting style is ideal for anyone that wants to save space, but doesn't want to cut a hole in their wall to install their new electric wall heater.  Surface mounted wall heaters allow you to get your space heater up off the ground, which saves valuable floor space, but doesn't require a lot of work to install.

  • Portable Options - Some types of wall heaters also offer a stand-alone option, which means that you don't have to install the electric heater in your wall.  This is ideal for someone that would like to be able to choose to mount their heater or enjoy the flexibility of easily moving their wall heater to where it's needed most.

Installation Type

Before purchasing a new electric wall heater, consider what type of installation makes sense for your home and desired usage.  Keep reading for more information about the common installation types. 

  • Hard Wiring - By hard wiring your electric heater, you are able to eliminate many maintenance problems and no longer have to worry that your heater has come unplugged.  However, it does require a bit more effort while you are installing your heater and may require an electrician to help with the installation.

  • Plug-In - This is the easiest type of installation.  All you have to do to enjoy cozy warmth after installing your electric heater is plug it in and enjoy!

Additional Features

Electric wall heaters come with many additional features that make the units very easy to use.  Some features to watch for include a timer, fan delay feature and frost protection settings.  Other handy features are a self-lubricating motor, adjustable louvers and an adjustable thermostat.

Need Help Deciding?

If you need additional help deciding which electric wall heater is right for you, take a look at the wall heaters we recommend or contact us at 800-734-0405.