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Great Electric Heaters for Staying Warm in Any Work Environment

Winter's right around the corner which has many thinking about heaters. Keeping your home warm is a primary concern, but what about work? For many, the workplace will be cold, and since we spend much of our time working why not enjoy a comfortable work environment.


Staying warm at work can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. One of the biggest challenges with workplace heating is creating a comfortable temperature for everyone to work in. If this is your dilemma then worry no more! There's a simple solution: an electric heater.

Why an Electric Heater?

Electric heaters are perfect for heating the workplace. Here's three reason why:

Easy to Use

  • Plug it in and turn it on
  • User-friendly controls
  • Compact and portable for easy placement


  • Low-watts for cost effectiveness
  • Built-in thermostat prevents excessive heating


  • Capable of warming large spaces
  • Variable heat settings

Don't dread going to work because you have to bundle up at your desk or wear a down jacket in the factory. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and warm large and small spaces quickly.

The Perfect Heater Type for Your Work Environment

Here are the different heater types and tips for heating a work environment. Read through our suggestions for warming workspaces and find an option that works for you.

Office Setting

If you work in an office setting, staying warm is tricky business. It can be tough warming your workspace especially if you're sharing a space with a variety of people. If this is your scenario, then consider an electric heater that warms personal spaces.

CZ25 Image4

These space heaters keep you warm without affecting everyone else. Much like using a personal fan in the summer, a small personal heater can keep you comfortable at your desk; you're free to shed your coat and scarf!

One space heater of value is the Comfort Zone CZ25 portable mini space heater.

  • Small enough to fit on the corner of your desk
  • Just enough warmth to take the chill off your work area
  • Won't affect the temperature of your coworkers

Another option for the office is a flat panel oil filled heater like the NewAir AH-400.

  • Small and compact so it fits perfectly under your desk
  • Flat panel design leaves plenty of leg room
  • Keeps feet perfectly warm


Electric heaters are ideal for workshop environments too! Typically workshops stay cold throughout the day, rarely warming to a comfortable temperature. These heaters can remedy the chill for a warmer more comfortable environment, an important factor in places where it snows frequently.

A garage heater is an ideal type of heater for a workshop environment. They offer enough watts to keep you warm. Adjust the thermostat to meet the conditions of the shop and you'll be working in a warmer environment within minutes.

One great option is the Dayton U33 electric convection heater.

  • Offers 1,500 watts of heating power making it more effective
  • 72 ft. power cord for an extra long reach
  • Lightweight and portable so you can easily move it
  • Durable so it can withstand rugged environments


Factories are quite large and difficult to heat, so staying warm is not an easy task. In areas where it gets particularly cold, electric heaters are again the perfect solution. Models that are specifically made for commercial use is the best option for factory heating.


There are different types of heaters ideal for the factory. You can use a shop/utility heater or a garage heater if you're looking to heat your personal space. Again, the watts determine the amount of heat produced.

The NewAir G73 garage heater.

  • Can heat up to 500 sq. ft. of space
  • Includes features conducive to a commercial environment like high CFM, adjustable louvers, and a built-in, single pole adjustable thermostat

Most commercial heaters give off enough heat to eradicate the winter cold and create a work environment that's acceptable. Extra-long power cords, high watts, and durability make them ideal too.

Depending on your needs, choose an option by the coverage area desired. They fit in small spaces easily, but can warm large spaces!

Construction Site

Heating a construction site is like heating a factory. The difference lies in the location. Because you're either fully or at least partially exposed to the elements, you need a heater with enough power to eradicate the cold.

With the Fostoria HK6243A infrared commercial heater, you can transform your working conditions.

  • Enjoy up to 6,000 watts of heating enough to diminish the cold significantly
  • Heavy gauge steel housing to withstand the elements
  • High CFM for optimal airflow

Most heaters of this type include an adjustable thermostat (40-90°F) that will meet your working conditions with ease. Free standing or mounted, they typically include adjustable louvers for targeted airflow, a carry handle for easy transport, and straightforward controls.


Stay Comfortable at Work to Stay Productive

An electric heater provides exceptional warmth in the workplace. They're ideal for a variety of settings, so no matter what your working conditions are, it will meet your needs.

The heaters don't require ventilation and are easier to setup than gas too. They're energy efficient and cost effective. Maintenance is low. Many are self-adjusting too; the built-in thermostat monitors the temperature. A feature anyone can appreciate.

There's a heater guaranteed to provide you with the warmth you need to experience the coming season in a positive way.

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