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Electric Fireplaces

Like real gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces provide a great amount of warmth with aesthetics. Electric fireplace heaters are also much safer and less costly because they run on electricity. In fact, most of these units cost only a few cents per hour when used at their maximum settings!

Electric Fireplace Heaters Features and Benefits

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Five Advantages Of Purchasing An Electric Fireplace

1. Attractive Looks and Warm Ambience
Portable electric fireplace heaters are designed to look like traditional wood burning fireplaces. Some electric fireplace heater models fit into existing fireplaces and others are stand alone electric fireplace heater units complete with mantle, screen, and faux logs. The electric fireplace heater units are crafted to mimic a smoldering fire with flickering flames adding a romantic decorative touch to any room. You can use the electric fireplace heater only for decoration by turning off the heater function and leaving on the light for the faux fireplace.

2. Simple Installation and Complete Portability
Electric fireplace heaters are extremely simple to install. Whether simply purchasing an insert to fill an existing hearth or buying a complete stand-alone electric fireplace heater unit, installation is as simple as plugging in the electric fireplace heater unit and using it according to the manufacturers instructions. Change the position of the electric fireplace heater according to the layout of your room. When moving, it's easy to take the electric fireplace heater with you, since there are no complicated attachments or gas hook-ups.

3. Convenient Warmth Without the Hassle of Building a Real Fire
There is no need for kindling or newspaper to add warmth to a room with an electric fireplace heater. Electric fireplace heaters work as simply as conventional space heaters and are much safer than traditional fireplaces. Purchase an electric fireplace heater to warm your room efficiently; without having to store firewood, worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, cleaning up soot, or accumulating dangerous creosote buildup.

4. A Great Addition To Smaller Homes, Condos, or Apartments
Easy to install, electric fireplace heaters come complete with beautiful mantles. Our attractive electric fireplace heater units make great additions to smaller homes and living spaces without access to fireplaces like high rise condos or RV's. Once installed, electric fireplace heaters have a built-in look and can be adorned with decorative items. Corner units make excellent use of wasted space in smaller apartments, and provide all the advantages that electric fireplace heaters offer.

5. Pollution Free No Toxic Fumes
Since there is no real flame or combustion taking place, electric fireplace heaters release no toxic fumes or dangerous gases. There is no smoke or pollution, creosote, or airborne embers that need to be vented from the electric fireplace heater. Choose the electric fireplace heater as a practical decorative item in your home today!