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Did you know that electric fans can do more than just cool?  It's true.  Fans circulate the air and keep it in motion, maintaining a fresh breeze that cools as well as keeping humidity levels in check. Fans also add ventilation and prevent the inhalation of dangerous gases and fumes. 

Whether you're looking for a ceiling fan for your bedroom, a table fan for your office or a pedestal fan for your warehouse, we're certain to carry just the right fan or air circulator for your needs.   

Choosing the Right Type of Fan
The only tricky thing about purchasing a fan is finding which style you need.  Electric fans come in a range of styles and sizes, but most fans used in home or commercial settings utilize the same basic technology, with axial fans being the most common. 

How Does an Electric Fan Work? 
Most fans used for climate control purposes provide comfort or ventilation via axial flow. These fans have blades that force air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate and blow across the axis of the fan.  Axial fans are used in a variety of applications, from providing personal cooling in portable desk fans to the giant fans commonly found in wind tunnels.

The basic components of a typical electric fan include the following:

  • Base

  • Fan blade

  • Armature and lead wires

  • Motor

Most fans, however, are rated according to type, size, and number of blades. Four-blade electric fans are the most common, and the materials from which an electric fan's components are made often determine its price.   

Location is Key
Before you decide on a certain fan style, first determine where the fan will be placed .  If you intend to use the fan in a large bedroom or living room, consider buying an oscillating pedestal fan or a ceiling fan. These fans generally have large blades and are capable of cooling larger rooms.

However, if you need to keep a warehouse or industrial area cool and comfortable, a high velocity commercial or  industrial fan would be a better option. 

Fans in the Home
If you're only looking to cool down smaller areas or personal spaces, you have several options.  Most consumers choose portable fans , table fans , or box fans for this purpose.  If you're thinking of using the fan in your bedroom, you may want to buy a quiet tower fan with an LCD display. For living rooms and other areas of your home, depending on the size of the room, you can choose between table or pedestal fans. 

Fans in the Workplace
If you need to keep your workplace cool, you'll probably need an industrial fan .  Style-wise, most industrial fans utilize the same technology as standard portable models, and they also come in a range of different styles.  However, what makes an industrial fan different from any other portable electric fan is the fact that it's usually larger and can support higher CFMs without the vibrations of a smaller household fan

Moreover, an industrial fan tends to have metal blades that are more durable and can move more air at once without putting as much strain on the fan's motor. 

Fan Features to Look For
Most fans come with some very useful additional features such as ionizers, multiple speed settings, child-safe grills.  The feature you choose will depend on your specific needs.  For example, if you young children in your household, a child-safe grille is a must.  If you're concerned with airborne particles, look for an electric fan with an ionizer.   For cooling a bedroom or living room, definitely look for a fan that's quiet. 

Different Fan Styles
Here's an overview of some of the most popular types of electric fans and what they're generally best suited for:

Table Fans


Pedestal Fans




  • Small, compact size allows for easy transport.
  • Suitable for cooling personal spaces and can be placed on floors, desks, tables, or countertops. 
  • Affordably priced and offers economical cooling. 
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9146 or Vornado 530B .
  • Adjustable height for convenient operation.
  • Many have oscillating heads for more air distribution. 
  • Great for cooling large rooms. 
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9880 or Dayton LY96


Window Fans


Wall Mount Fans




  • Brings in fresh air and draws stale air out.
  • Window mounting saves valuable table and floor space. 
  • Suitable for cooling areas where leaving a window open isn't enough. 
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9155 and Air King 9137
  • Creates a comfortable environment in areas with limited floor space. 
  • Provides powerful air circulation.
  • Great for industrial settings such as warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, and more. 
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9314 and Air King 9718


Floor Fans


Tower Fans



AF-310 Image1

  • Provide powerful airflow and ventilation at foot level. 
  • Ideal for areas where mounting a fan on a wall or ceiling isn't feasible. 
  • Great for cooling homes, warehouses, and offices. 
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9935 and Air King 9214
  • Thin, verticle design allows it to fit into small, compact spaces. 
  • Less likely to tip over than a top-heavy pedestal or stand fan.
  • Great for cooling homes and offices; also quiet. 
  • Recommended Models:   Lakewood 3364


Ceiling Fans


Box Fans




  • Makes rooms feel significantly cooler by providing a circulatory breeze. 
  • Can slash heating costs when used in the winter. 
  • Comes in a variety of styles to match your home's decor and furnishings. 
  • Recommended Models: Air King 9856 and Air King 9805
  • Extremely versatile - can be placed on the floor or in an open window (similar to an AC). 
  • Helps circulate indoor air and prevents it from getting stagnate. 
  • Suitable for most home cooling needs.
  • Recommended Models:  Air King 9723 and Soleus FB1-30-20


Misting Fans


Industrial Fans and Blowers




  • Misting nozzles create a fine, cool mist which evaporates and creates a chilling breeze.
  • Simple to assemble and incredibly energy efficient.
  • Ideal for use in outdoor areas such as backyards, patios, and athletic fields. 
  • Recommended Models:  WindChaser WC163C and auraMist AM-MF-30-1
  • Usually constructed of durable metal or steel. 
  • Typically best suited for high-volume, high static pressure applications. 
  • Used for heat stratification, ventilation, and preventing air stagnation. 
  • More Information:  Industrial Fans Guide


Decorative Fans


Bathroom Exhaust Fans




  • Cools off rooms in style.
  • Come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles to match your home's decor. 
  • Offer a refreshing change from traditional plastic electric fans. 
  • Recommended Models:  Deco Breeze DBF0231 and Deco Breeze DBF0358
  • Greatly reduces/eliminates problems created by excess moisture. 
  • Prevents paint from peeling, doors from warping, and accumulation of mold spores.
  • Eliminates and exhausts stagnant air and odors out of bathroom. 
  • Recommended Models:  Broan 657 and Broan QTXE150


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