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5 Summer Decorating Ideas to Stay Cool - Decorative Electric Fans, Floral Accents & More!


With the summer heat in full swing it's time to think about cooling off, while maintaining your own decorative flair. These days, you can customize everything from the coffee you drink to the clothes you wear. Your home furnishings should be no exception to this trend.

Instead of settling for a plain old boring look, take a peek at these five great summer decorating tips. They will help you create the perfect space this season that's cool, comfortable and reflects your personal style!

You'll love hosting get-together's with family and friends in your stylish indoor area. Then move the party outside as we'll also provide you with some tips for decorating your patio too!

Stylish Solutions for Indoor Cooling

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Decorative Electric Fans

Electric fans help cool your indoor or outdoor living space by circulating the air and providing a refreshing breeze for you to enjoy. However, believe it or not fans are turning into more than a way to cool down. Now, many brands are designing models that are visually appealing and functional. Here are a few brands to keep a look out for:

Deco Breeze Electric Fans
Deco Breeze fans offer a unique way to visually express your hobbies, interests and personal style in any room. These models come in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes for you to choose from.

Deco Breeze crafts several creative models like the Eagle, Turtle or the Calla Lillies Figurine fan, just to name a few. They also produce many high-quality designs that offer a more traditional and refined look that's sure to be the perfect accent for any room in your home!

Fanimation Electric Fans
Do you prefer a more vintage look? Fanimation electric fan models combine an older look with modern technology. From desktop fans to standing fans, they provide a variety of sizes. Some models feature a unique globe-like design that gives you a breeze without rustling papers about. Air flows in from the top and bottom and our at a full 360 degrees.

Inviting Window Accents

One easy way to help keep your house cool and add a unique design element is to add window coverings like blinds, curtains or shudders to your windows. Adding window coverings to your windows allows you to add another unique accent to your space and creates a more finished look for you to enjoy.

For a clean look that's great for reflecting the heat, consider purchasing white window coverings. Also, remember to keep draperies closed during the hottest part of the day for maximum effectiveness.

Add a Bit of Flare to Your Outdoor Areas

Outdoor Floral Accents

Not surprisingly, the plants and trees that you have planted outside your house can do a lot to make inside your home more comfortable in the hot summer heat. According to one study, having a few well-placed trees planted outside can save you approximately $100 - $200 annually in cooling costs.

Also, by adding more plants, trees and shrubs to your garden, you will reduce the amount of hardscape that decorates your yard. Gravel, cement and rocks radiate heat and can make your house a lot hotter, even after the sun has set and the air is cooler. Plus, looking out to a garden full of trees and flowers creates a more inviting view from inside your home.

Stylish & Functional Umbrellas

Nothing is better than dining during the summer on your backyard patio! By adding an umbrella to your dining area your can block out the harsh rays of the sun and enjoy the cool shade. Get an adjustable model and you'll be able to stay in the shade even as the sun shifts position. Umbrellas are also easy to move so if not eating at the table you can move it by your favorite lounge chair.

A great idea for decorating your umbrella is by hanging jars of candles from it to create a romantically lit setting. Here are the instructions from

Build a Tiki Bar

If you really want to keep cool in your outdoor area then consider installing a tiki bar. Not only do these look great but they'll allow you access to cool, refreshing drinks without having to run inside to the refrigerator. You can install all sorts of things in them like portable ice makers, wine coolers, kegerators or even a stereo.

The possibilites are endless. Decorate it with bamboo and orchids and you can have a Hawaiian themed backyard.

For even more decorating ideas view 10 Summer Decorating Ideas at

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