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DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners:

Feel the Italian Breeze

International Reputation


Sold all over the world, DeLonghi started out as a small local operation. Working from Treviso, a small province in Northern Italy, the De'Longhi family set up their first workshop in 1902. Since their pastoral beginnings, the company has expanded worldwide and has developed innovative products. The company strives to infuse the serene landscape of Treviso into every product.

Three generations of craftspeople have honed their skills to define the brand. DeLonghi entered the U.S. market in 1980 and has since offered many category-defining home, coffee, and kitchen appliances.

Design Meets Function


Design with appealing aesthetics is a hallmark of DeLonghi products. Sleek lines, metallic casing, and unique, balanced shapes accentuate their air conditioners. DeLonghi portable air conditioners break the mold of ordinary, clunky models which saturate the market place. At once modern and classic, DeLonghi draws on its Italian heritage to incorporate form and function into every product.

DeLonghi prides itself on unique solutions to any consumer wish. The brand follows the principle: one need, one solution, one product. The company vertically integrates its design process, ensuring that testing cycles occur in-house.

Friend to the Environment

DeLonghi portable air conditioners use green technology:

  • Adjustable Thermostat : You can adjust the temperature exactly so you're not making the room cooler than necessary
  • Green Refrigerant : DeLonghi was an early adopter of the R-410A, an alternative refrigerant to ozone destroying R-22
  • Timed Shutoff : Features a clock with a timer, which can be programmed to turn off air conditioner when it's not in use

All Around Convenience

All DeLonghi portable air conditioner  models are designed for an enhanced user experience:
  • Portable : Handles built into the sides and rotating wheels for easy moving
  • Dripless : Drip-free technology means there's no water tanks or leaking
  • Electronic : Simple, intuitive LCD display and remote control
  • Self-Diagnosis : Let's you know when and where maintenance is needed on the display

DeLonghi PAC-C120 Pinguino 

PAC-C120 Image1

Besides being a portable air conditioner, the Pinguino C120 also functions as a dehumidifier and a 3-speed fan. It can operate between 64-95°F. The air conditioner runs at 12,000 BTUs and its high-efficiency compressor allows for quiet operation. 


The Pinguino C120 is simple to use, with brackets on the side to help it fit into a window and a exhaust hose which can be set up without needing tools.



DeLonghi PAC-T110P Pinguino


The Pinguino T110P functions as a portable air conditioner, a dehumidifier, and an air purifier. The air conditioner runs at 11,000 BTUs and features three special modes:

  • Boost: A burst of cold air
  • Sleep: Turns off on a timer to gradually reduce cooling as you fall asleep
  • Smart: Chooses the most efficient way to cool the room based on conditions

The air filter uses 3M Filtrete, known as an affordable filter able to catch large particles. The dehumidifier can capture up to 60 pints of water. All of the 3-in-1 functions operate at a quiet volume; noise is muted by its high-efficiency compressor.

All these separate components work within a sealed system, which bonds the refrigerant and all moving parts in a safe compartment.

DeLonghi PAC-W130E Pinguino 

PAC-W130E Image1

The Pinguino W130E is an ultra-efficient 3-in-1 portable air conditioner. It performs at 13,000 BTUs, and is also a dehumidifier and air purifier. When dehumidifying, the Pinguino W130E can store 14-liters of water and function for 12 hours continuously. The air purifier uses the Biosilver Tech system: 3M Filtrete, silver ions, and an ionizer to remove pollutants from the air.

This DeLonghi portable air conditioner features eco-friendly R410A and uses a water-to-air cooling system. It's uber-adaptable, going on water-save mode when water is unavailable.

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