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Saving Money and Staying Dry with a Dehumidifier

Whether you need a small dehumidifier for your bedroom, laundry area, or bathroom, or a large capacity model for your basement, living room, or bonus room there are a variety of options available to get the job done.

Many models come in different shapes and sizes. There's a unit that's ideal for your small living space and a stronger unit for  larger areas guaranteed to supply satisfactory results.

Prices vary significantly, so the purpose here is to help you stay within your budget, find a unit to meet your needs, and  choose a dehumidifier that's perfect for your lifestyle. Read further to understand the differences and then select a price point below to see an option to meet your needs. 

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How Much Should I Spend?

Before selecting a model consider the following: size, need, safety, brand, and pricing. To determine the size of the unit you think you'll need, consider how much space you want to cover. How large is the room you want to dehumidify? You need to know the square footage of the room. How you answer this question will help you know which model to choose. 

Once you know how large tthe room is, decide how much dehumidifying you need. Monitor humidity levels, so you can choose a model with the best moisture removal. A hygrometer can help with this. Hygrometers measure humidity levels, so you know exactly how strong you need your dehumidifer to be.

Next, think about safety. Do you have children or pets in the house? If so look for safety features like a stay cool surface and tip over safety switch. Also choose a unit that shuts off automatically so you can take care of your family without worrying about watching the unit every second. 

Finally, shop brands and prices. Knowing the answers to questions above will help you to determine brand and expense. Following the links above will help you view models to meet your budget. Although many brand name dehumidifiers can be expensive, the most effective unit isn't always the most costly. 

Below is a list of products types and the overall expense to help you stay on budget and get the most for your money!


Mini Models

A compact dehumidifier is perfect for bathrooms, closets and laundry rooms. These units usually run no more than $70. Dessicant models using silica gel will even run you less. These are cost effective and will effectively keep your small space free of damaging moisture. 

Single Room Units


Single room units usually offer a 20 - 50 pint capacity moisture removal. This option can run around $200 to $300. 

They're ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Coverage is typically to 150 sq. ft. sometimes more or less. Measure the room you plan to use it in and then shop for a unit designed accordingly. 

Whole House and Commercial Options


Whole house models can set you back nearly $2,000. Commercial and industrial options top the charts at almost $6,500. These options are perfect for anyone dealing with high moisture levels in the home.

They effectively control moisture and cover about 2,000 sq. ft. of space. Of course coverage varies on the size of the model, so make sure you know your square footage so you can shop for a model to meet your needs.

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