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Name: C. Coleman - Lexington, TN
Rating: Good
Comments: "The AI-210W is great and keeps up with 10 people plus so glad that I bought it, others after seeing it have decided to buy them one. Thanks again. We read directions and timed it to see if it was true that it makes ice every seven minutes, it does."

Name: J. Dalen - Longview, WA
Rating: Excellent
Comments: "I needed this product for my daughter's car and a moist bedroom in my home. It is small and seemed perfect for this application. I just linked up to your site. I had never heard of this brand. After speaking to your sales rep., I thought I would give it a try. The sales rep. on the phone was very professional. I am very pleased. It is just as you have stated. It does the job, perfectly. I have only lived in my home for 10 years now and have had water on the window sills during much of the year. It is now gone! Yea, team! Great size! Not much fuss. Great design. Very user friendly! I have had a great experience all the way around. The delivery was extremely fast. Employees seemed knowledgeable. And the product WORKS! Thank you."

Name: M. Ammirato - Massapequa, NY
Rating: Good
Comments: "Just what I was looking for - light & easy to store so I can grab and clean up all day instead of taking out my vacuum with the cord. Great suction, lightweight, easy to store, battery lasts long, & plus it comes with a 2nd battery so you never have to worry."

Name: J. Monak - Melvindale, MI
Rating: Good
Comments: "I purchased an AI-100R NewAir Compact Portable Ice Maker in red. It is roughly the size of a bread maker, and will fit very nicely on most countertops. It is a beautiful red color. It is easy to use and the indicator lights make it much simpler to know when to fill it with water. It works fast, and holds a decent amount of ice. I would give it a very high rating. My husband drinks so much ice water throughout the day; you will almost never see him without a glass in his hand. And even he doesn't run out of ice with this machine. It holds enough for several glasses at a time, and by the time you finish a glass, a new batch or two will already have been made. Perfect for hot summer days when you can't seem to freeze enough ice trays."

Name: N. Jones - Cherokee, IA
Rating: Excellent
Comments: "I purchased the ice maker for my husband's birthday as he uses a LOT of ice and we are always running out. Not now!! It looked nice and will look good anywhere you use it. Looked easy to operate. It is so easy to use and fast! Easier than a coffee maker."

Name: A. Lee - Kents Store, VA
Rating: Good
Comments: "I do not have an ice maker in my refrigerator/freezer & it has been a problem for the last 10 years. I love ice water & ice tea. It became almost impossible to keep a bag of ice in the freezer with three teenage sons & their eating habits. My dad spoke of buying one for our yearly camping trips, but if he purchased one it would be boxed up for the remainder of the year whereas I could not only use one for camping, but for the entire year. It is making ice quickly (faster than I thought possible) and I have already had to empty it & turn it off on a couple of occasions because we had too much ice. Thank You very much for having such a good quality product & at such a reasonable price."

Name: J. O'Leary - Wexford, PA
Rating: Good
Comments: "I was looking for a quality rug cleaner. You had the best quality and choice. I chose the Royal based on history and recommendations. It is so much better than my previous unit (Dirt Devil). All of the controls are on the handle for ease of use. It is much better picking up the water from the carpet. The carpet was totally dry in 2 hours. "

Name: D. Baca - Yorba Linda, CA
Rating: Good
Comments: "Wanted a lightweight plug-in vacuum that would pick up sand off my hardwood floors. Only used it once, but it performed beautifully. Very pleased. Looks great and is lightweight (which is what I wanted).I already recommended it to my daughter because of the ease with which it can be used on the hardwood floors. "

Name: H. Jimenez - Gulfport, MS
Rating: Excellent
Comments: "I live in the Mississippi gulf coast and the humidity is unbearable. Product is performing as advertised. No problems. Very impressed with the style and look of the product. I would recommend this product to anyone needing relief of hot, humid weather. This product is perfect for anyone living in an apartment, such as I do."

Name: R. Wells - Schenectady, NY
Rating: Good
Comments: "This fan works very well. Just the way I hoped it would.It is very quiet, and doesn't disturb my sleep. This fan is everything I was looking for. As I mentioned it is very similar to the one I previously had. It is very quiet, the size (12"), the three speed options, and the escalating feature are just what I needed and wanted. I absolutely would recommend this fan to anyone and everyone. In my opinion, it's everything you would want or expect in a smaller fan, and at the price, it's a "win, win" purchase. I am very satisfied with this product. AND! Shopping on your site was a convenient, quick, and easy experience. Thank you! "

Name: J. Lindblad - Columbia, MD
Rating: Excellent
Comments: "3 personal oil heaters (400 watts each)--effective choice--rate them highly for supplementing electric heat pump. They take the chill off the one-bedroom condo, occupy a small amount of space, are lightweight, and easily portable. Put two of them in the bedroom at night, close the door, and lower the thermostat to 57. More efficient and quieter than space heaters and use much less electricity."