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Create Instagram Worthy Vintage Decor With Electric Fireplace Stoves

Spend a few minutes (or hours) on Pinterest and one thing will become crystal clear: Unique, shareable home decorating is all the rage. Vintage inspired DIY home decorating, at that. And why shouldn't it? Look through these simple rustic-style ideas to make your home as Instagram worthy as possible!

Door Headboard

If there is one place that you want the true cozy, handcrafted feeling to come through, its in the bedroom. This is the place where you go every night to rest, so you want it to be absolutely perfect. If you are looking for a rustic style headboard, there are a lot of different ways you could go. For instance, you could purchase an iron headboard. Or you could get your hands a little dirty and make a headboard from upcycled doors.

Vintage Decor Old Door
  1. Find a door. This might sound a little weird, but just keep an eye out and they'll pop up. Look in the free section of Craigslist or hit a flea market or two. Someone's bound to be throwing out a sturdy wooden door that has seen better days.
  2. Size it. You're door might be a little too large. Just go ahead and trim it down to size with a saw.
  3. Sand it. Regardless of what shape the door is in, you'll want to sand it. If you'd like to paint it a certain color, sand the current finish off. Even if you don't plan on painting it, you might want to sand it down to get a smooth surface.
  4. Outfit it. Able to put a little extra elbow grease into this product? Grab some cheap crown molding to give the door an even grander feel. Not necessary, but it might be worth it!
  5. Paint it. Give the door a good coat of your chosen color. Skip adding primer to give it that vintage feel. Looking to add a bit of weathering? Use pushpins to create "wormholes" and brush over the edges with a dark stain to bring out the imperfections.
  6. Seal it. This is less important for people who completely paint the door, but those of you who found a door that is perfect as is, you'll want to use a sealer. That way you'll know the door will stay just the way you found it. Try using a clear aerosol acrylic sealant.

Apple Box Bookshelf

What is easier than crafting and bolting your own handmade shelves to the wall? Stacking a bunch of boxes on top of each other. Apple boxes are the perfect size to hold books and since they generally come in the same size, they can be stacked in many different ways to create unique shelving.

  1. Find some apple boxes. Okay, truth be told, you might not be able to find a bunch of real apple boxes. That being said, you can find plenty of wood boxes at Michael's or other craft stores that will do just fine.
  2. Weather it. When you find these boxes, they will most likely be in pristine condition. If that's the case, you can use the same trick as we did with the door. Dark stain will bring out the natural colors of the wood as well is its imperfections. Using a few different shades of brown paint will work as well.
  3. Stack it. Arrange the apple boxes in whatever shape or form you'd like them to be in. Take special care to create an arrangement that will fit in the allotted space.
  4. Nail it. Use normal construction nails to hammer the boxes together. If you found exceptionally sturdy boxes, wood glue could work as well. When using wood glue, make sure to put a tarp down and glue the boxes together as they lay down.
  5. Secure it. A smaller bookcase might be low enough to the ground that it doesn't need to be secured. For taller shelves, however, it would be prudent to secure it to the wall. In this case, a strip of tough, construction grade nylon can be bolted to both the shelves and the wall to prevent tipping over.

Vintage Decor Electric Fireplace Stove
Electric Fireplace Stoves

This isn't so much of a DIY as it is a suggestion. If you're looking for a good place to start finding rustic decor, or you are just looking for the icing on the handcrafted cake, an electric fireplace stove is right up your alley. Most electric fireplace stoves were specifically built to give off a vintage feel. These little guys won't only look great, they'll give your house that toasty, cozy feeling everyone can enjoy.

Photo Transfers

Unfortunately, not a lot of people find our family photos as interesting as we do. So if you're looking for an unpretentious way to display a wedding photo, this is it. The idea is to create a vintage inspired photo for cheap. Canvas works well for a clean look, but using a pretty piece of wood will really stick with our rustic theme. Either way, the same tutorial will work.

  1. Flip it. After you've finished toying with the photo in whatever photo-editing program you use, you'll need to reverse the photo. This is because you will be laying the photo face down on the wood (or canvas) for the transfer. At this point, you should also make sure the photo is 300 DPI for a pristine transfer.
  2. Print it. Use a laser printer to get the best print of the photo possible. Colored or black and white photos work fine. Thinner paper works best.
  3. Gel it. Now you'll need a matte gel medium. It can be picked up at any craft store. Use a brush to paint a thin layer of gel on top of the photo. Then you'll place it face down on the wood.
  4. Dry and soak. First, let the photo dry for about 8 hours. After that, lay a damp wash rag on the photo for a little bit.
  5. Peel it. After the paper becomes soaked, lightly peel the white paper fibers off with the rag. You're fingers will work pretty well, too! The rag will create a more imperfect, vintage look while your fingers will leave a cleaner transfer.

Vintage Decor Old Camera
Flea Market Finds

Still looking for a rustic style accent? Here's another suggestion: Check out the local flea market. You can pick up all kinds of neat (and cheap) decor at a flea market or thrift shop. Think aged items, like an old camera, wine screw or a set of vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Instagram it!

Now your home should not only be Instagram worthy, but enviable as well. Invite some friends over to admire your hard work. You might even be able to enlist them for your next project!

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