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Evaporative Cooling Towers - Effective Cooling at a Fraction of the Cost

Evaporative Cooling Towers - Effective Cooling at a Fraction of the Cost

Evaporative cooling is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to stay cool in warm, dry climates. Evaporative coolers (sometimes called swamp coolers) can come in a variety of styles and applications.

While relatively new on the market, the evaporative cooling tower design is a perfect blend of functionality, convenience and style that is quickly becoming a favorite way to keep cool on hot days.

A cooling tower works in the same way as any other evaporative cooler yet is compact and stylish unlike most others. They can be unobtrusively placed wherever you need a cooling breeze without worrying about a cumbersome eyesore.

An evaporative cooling tower looks like a standard tower fan and often has additional functions such as oscillation, a sleep timer, and ionic filtering. The big secret is that you will be able to have additional cooling power when the temperature rises with a simple press of a button.

Why Choose Evaporative Cooling?

Air conditioning can be a huge cost
Air conditioning can be responsible for up to 50% of household electricity usage. This can equate to more than $100 a month to stay cool.

Inexpensive to use
The evaporative cooling process is fundamentally simple. Instead of compressing and cooling refrigerants like air conditioning, evaporative cooling relies on the simple process of evaporation. This simplicity uses much less electricity than air conditioning and is therefore much cheaper.

Natural process
An evaporative cooling tower relies on the same process that our own bodies use to keep cool. When we sweat the water changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, drawing the heat from our bodies in the process. This process can most easily be felt when coming out of a pool. Even on a warm day you're often chilled by the water evaporating from your skin.

In this case, evaporation is acomplished by pumping water over a cooling pad that is placed in the path of the air being circulated by the cooler's fan. When the air passes over the cooling pad the water is evaporated, drawing heat out of the air before it is circulated.

The Benefits of an Evaporative Cooling Tower

Although an evaporative cooling tower uses the same efficient principals as other swamp coolers, there are additional benefits only found in the cooling tower design.

Looks great
You can use your cooling tower anywhere. Don't shamefully hide a big, clunky unit in a corner. Instead keep the unit where it will work best to keep you cool. With such great looks, you might even get a few compliments!

Low maintenance
A swamp cooling tower requires very little maintenance. A simple cleaning of the cooling pad before the first use of the season should be the only maintenance the unit ever requires!

Small size
The convenient form factor is what makes a cooling tower so easy to place. You can use it anywhere you would consider putting any other upright tower fan.

Convenient features
With most swamp cooling towers having great features like 3 speeds, a sleep timer, air ionizer, and oscillation, it's easy to see why they are such an attractive choice.

Easy to operate
Simple, straightforward controls make it easy to keep cool with a cooling tower. No complicated settings to worry about, just cool air to enjoy.

Low cost
With a cooling tower costing only a fraction more than a regular tower fan and offering a host of great additional features, there's no reason not to look into one.

No installation
Unlike a cumbersome air conditioner there are no hoses or drains to install. Simply plug the cooler in and add water to the reservoir and you will be enjoying cool air in minutes!

In especially dry climates where swamp coolers works best one can often experience a host of undesirable health side effects like sinus trouble and dry skin. Because they work by adding moisture to the air they are a great way to avoid this dryness. They can also save you additional cost by eliminating the need to purchase a separate humidifier.

How to Know if an Evaporative Cooler Will Work for You

With all of the great benefits of a cooling tower it's hard to imagine any reason why one wouldn't be a good choice. However, evaporative cooling does have its limitations. It is important to note that this kind of cooling works best in dry climates where there is little humidity in the air.

Evaporative Cooler Temperature Chart

This chart on evaporative cooling effectivness lets you see how a swamp cooler will preform in your climate.

The evaporative cooling process relies on adding water to the air to cool the temperature of the air. When the air is already humid it is not possible to add more water to the air. In places like Florida or other high humidity locations a swamp cooler will have little effect.

In mixed climates that experience a wide swing in humidity the fan portion of a cooling tower can be used independently of the water pump and will still provide a pleasnt breeze. This convenient flexibility lets you use your cooling tower in any weather. If it's dry enough to use the evaporative cooling you will enjoy the added cooling, if not, it will still be a useful fan.

With all of the great benefits a cooling tower has to offer and none of the drawbacks of other swamp coolers it should be easy to choose for your cooling needs! Browse our cooling tower selection and enjoy one in your life!

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