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What is a Scratch & Dent Appliance?

When a product is classified as "Scratch & Dent", "Blemished" or "Refurbished" then it typically means that the item had been previously returned by another customer. The product may have been returned for a number of the following reasons:

  • Scratch-and-dent-iconCustomer ordered the wrong color, size or there be a compatibility issue
  • The item may have some cosmetic imperfections
  • Customer may have changed their mind
  • Item may have been used for demonstrating
  • It is an open box item

The product is fully functional and operates the same as a brand new appliance. However it may have have some varying degrees of external cosmetic imperfections, ranging from minor to severe. Cosmetic flaws may include:

  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Slightly used.

Many times the flaws are insignificant and difficult to identify. In Fact so many times customers receive a near perfect product. For example one of our customers reviewed her recent purchase of a wine cooler by saying "My new wine cooler arrived snug and double boxed (no damage even to the outer box) and in perfect condition. I was hesitant about the scratch n' dent item... but we can't find any damage at all. I'm so happy with the cooler. Thank you Air and Water for your prompt delivery."

We at Air & Water promise that either way the function of the item is not compromised and is guaranteed to function perfectly. The product will include all parts, components and manuals.

Regardless of the reason for the product being returned, all products are inspected and tested by Air & Waters technicians to meet manufacturing specifications. Our technicians will perform any necessary repairs to ensure full functionality of the product. However due to whatever damage the unit may have the unit will be priced even lower as the same product when new. Therefore making it exceptional value. If you can live with a minor dent and ugly packaging, then you'll save some serious bucks. One customer said "Dent and scratch was the way to go. Little damage and working like a charm".

Because of the random nature of the flaws on specific items, we are unable to provide specific images. 

Air-n-water scratch and dent units

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