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Compare Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers (or "swamp" coolers) can effectively lower the ambient temperature in a room or area by up to 20 degrees and for less than one-third less than traditional air conditioning systems.  The following chart shows how some of our best-selling portable air coolers measure up in terms of features:

NewAir AF-1000R
4.2 Star Rating: Good

Luma Comfort EC45S
4.5 Star Rating: Good

Hessaire MFC3600
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding

Convair ClimateStar
4.9 Star Rating: Good

Port-A-Cool PAC2K24HPVS
4.4 Star Rating: Good

Hessaire MBC2000
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding

Convair Mobile-Max-3

Port-A-Cool PAC2K16AD

Quietaire QC36DVS