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All About Coffee Makers

Coffee makers allow you to make delicious coffee in the comfort of home and much less expensively than going to a coffee shop. Our selection of coffeemakers includes many different models and brands--we're sure that one of them will help you get your caffeine fix!

Air & Water offers the most popular models of drip coffee makers from a variety of premium manufacturers. Drip coffee makers simply heat water and direct it through a filter with coffee grounds in it. What emerges is steaming hot java in a carafe, ready to enjoy. Drip coffeemakers can be designed to brew different volumes of coffee, so you can fill up a single cup or a terrine for an entire office.

Pod coffee makers are an excellent way to make a single-serve cup of coffee with unparalleled freshness. Just pop in a pod and press the button; the machine adds just enough water to make the perfect cup.

We are excited to also offer French presses and vacuum coffeemakers, two distinctive ways to brew coffee. French presses use the method of mixing boiling water and coffee grounds, to produce strong, clean-tasting coffee. Vacuum coffee makers brew coffee using suction to draw hot water between two chambers. The result is bold, smooth coffee.