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Coffee Makers: All Shapes and Sizes

We offer an excellent selection of coffee makers to choose from. It can be a tricky task to figure out exactly which model is ideal for your needs. We'll break it down for you: there are four main types of coffee makers. Read on to discover more about all of them, from basic drip coffee makers to delicate French presses.

Drip coffee makers

Basic drip coffeemaker

Drip coffee makers are by far the most frequently owned coffee-making appliances in the world. Drip coffee makers brew coffee by heating water and filtering it through ground coffee beans. This releases the flavor the beans, and freshly brewed coffee drips down through the filter into a carafe.

Drip coffee makers are sold based on how much coffee they can make at once. The most popular sizes are 1-cup, 4-cup, or 8-cup coffee makers. The semi-closed system allows you to set up your drip coffee maker the night before. This allows you to simply press a button when you're ready for coffee, or even set a timer to have it brew at a specific time in the morning.

The coffee from drip coffee makers is balanced and the design of the machine allows for convenience. Coffee can be made in large batches with a drip coffee machine. Additionally, brewed coffee stays warm in the carafe. Carafes typically have a heated surface below them, but you can also look for thermal carafes that stay warm through metal insulation.

French Press Coffee Makers


French press coffee makers are a non-electronic method of making coffee. French presses produce bold, clean tasting coffee. Boiling water is poured into a cylindrical vessel containing coarsely ground coffee beans.

After a quick stir, the coffee is left to brew for 1-5 minutes. Then, the filter is pushed to the bottom via a plunger with even pressure. Voila! Coffee should be poured immediately when it is hot, leaving it in the carafe can make the coffee bitter tasting.

The distinctly clear taste of French pressed coffee is due to the nature of the process. Coffee aroma is extracted from the beans directly, because the flavor is not altered by filtering material (paper, metal, or a synthetic material). French press is considered the best way to brew coffee by connoisseurs.

Pod coffee makers

Keurig brand pod coffeemaker

Pod coffee makers use pre-packaged pods of ground coffee to make brew a single serving of the beverage. Pods are sealed containers intended for one-time use; they contain the perfect amount of coffee for a single cup.

Using a pod coffee maker is a simple as placing a pod in the machine, and pressing a button. The pod is punctured and steaming water is pushed through, making fresh-tasting coffee. 

Coffee made in a pod is comparable to drip coffee, although fans say it tastes fresher, like the first cup out of the pot. Pods come in many varieties and shapes, depending on what brand of pod coffee maker you select.

Pod coffee maker manufacturers and brand names alike make caffeine-filled pods. Starbucks, Nestle, Tully's and countless more brands produce their brand coffee and caf?? beverages in pod form. Additionally, tea and hot chocolate also translate into a pod. Many machines allow you to essentially make you own pods, by adding any coffee to reusable pods you can fill up yourself.

Pod coffee makers are great for people who like relatively low maintenance and who want to make one cup at a time. Most machines have features that allow you to select what size your coffee cup is and how strong you want your coffee brewed. This type of personalization allows for a customized cup.

If you are entertaining, this can allow finicky guests to each choose something they'll enjoy. Since there are such a large variety of pods, buying this type of coffee maker can create a good opportunity to try new blends. Many catalogues offer sample packs, plus you can automate home delivery so coffee supplies are always on hand.

Vacuum coffee makers

Glass vacuum coffeemaker

Vacuum coffee makers are the rarely used, because they require a decent amount of skill. Also called siphon coffee makers or vacpots, vacuum coffee makers use the forces of suction from water vapor and vacuum to brew coffee. At its core, a vacuum coffee maker consists of two glass chambers connected with a narrow tube with a filter in it.

Water is placed in the bottom container, while coarsely ground coffee ground are placed in the top container. Water is heated in the bottom container, and vapor pressure draws the coffee upward into the top chamber.

As the boiling water/grounds mixture cools down, vacuum suction draws the liquid through ha filter into a bottom carafe. What's left is refined, delicious tasting coffee which was brewed using the laws of physics!

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