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Clover Hot Water Dispensers - Providing Instant Access to Hot Water One Household at a TimeHot water dispensers

Studies found that over 60% of Americans drink bottled water.  Bottled water is quick, convenient and  always accessible.  But, it's also a hazard to our environment.  That's why many people are turning to water dispensers for their home. 

An even more interesting trend is that many people are purchasing dispensers that come with a hot water feature.  Hot water dispensers are very convenient because they allow you to enjoy instant access to hot water.  This means that you'll no longer waste water while waiting for your tap water to heat up or waste time waiting for water to boil. 

If you're looking into purchasing a new water dispenser for your home or office, take a look at the Clover hot water dispensers.  Clover hot water dispensers are perfect for any busy household because reasonably priced, so you can enjoy on-demand water without cutting back in other areas of your budget.

These units are also very convenient with a highly efficient design that features an effective heating element with an accurate thermostat, stainless steel water tank and it comes with many reliable safety features.

Heating Element

  • Boasts an Energy Star certification and an efficient internal heating element

A hot water dispenser is only as effective as its heating element. Thankfully, many of the Clover hot water dispensers are Energy star certified and come with a highly efficient heating element. Many of the bottled water dispensers feature Energy Star certifications. In order to earn an Energy Star certification, the Clover hot water dispensers had to demonstrate the following specifications:

  • Product performance - Energy Star appliances must deliver high-quality features and reliable performance. More than that, the product performance and energy consumption must be measured and verified with testing.
  • Significant energy savings - Manufacturer's must prove that their technology can contribute to significant energy savings nationwide and can be applied throughout the product category.
  • Cost effective - In order to meet this qualification, candidates for the Energy Star certification must prove that their customers will enjoy enough savings on utility bills to recover the cost of their investment within a reasonable amount of time.


  • Automatically heats water to 185 degrees
  • Comes with an on/off switch for easily controlling the hot water feature

One of the most important features that come with the Clover hot water dispensers is the hot water thermostat. This feature automatically heats water to approximately 185 degrees and dispenses on-demand hot water. In comparison, most hot water heaters for the home heat and dispense water between 120 and 140 degrees.

The Clover hot water dispensers allow you to be more cost effective because you'll stop wasting water while waiting for your tap water to heat up. They're also efficient because you'll stop waste time waiting for water to boil. Best of all, you'll be able to instantly make tea, soup and other hot beverages!

For peace of mind, the Clover hot water dispensers come with non-adjustable thermostat. Instead, Clover hot water dispensers offer you an easier way to control the hot water feature. They come with a control box, which is located at the back of the unit and includes a hot water switch. This is a very helpful feature because it helps prevent potential accidents that are caused by children playing with hot water dispenser controls.

Hot Water Tank

  • Features a hygienic water tank that doesn't retain germs and bacteria
  • Made of durable stainless steel

For your convenience, the Clover point of use hot water dispensers and bottled water coolers come with a stainless steel water tank. These units are more hygienic than other hot water dispensers because they don't retain germs or bacteria. Clover hot water dispensers are also more reliable because they're made of a durable material that won't fail over time.

Safety Features

  • Comes with fireproof insulation and a manual reset safety limiter for added peace of mind
  • Offers optional hot water safety faucet to help prevent accidents and burns

Over recent years, manufacturers of hot water dispensers have made headlines with recalls of their units due to safety concerns.  In many cases, units were recalled because of an internal element that can overheat.  When this happens, it causes electrical shock and other injuries. 

Clover hot water dispensers are designed with their customer's safety in mind. The units includeHot water dispensers many built-in safety features that are proven to be durable and effective.  For example, Clover hot water dispensers each come with fireproof insulation. 

This feature helps protect you, your loved ones and your home from injuries or damage in case there is a malfunction with the unit. The hot water thermostat also comes with a manual reset safety limiter, which shuts off power to the unit if it overheats. 

For added safety, Clover hot water dispensers feature an optional safety faucet that can be added to their products.

This unique faucet boasts a two-step closing design that's specially designed for the user's convenience and safety. Clover hot water dispensers are great for homes and other locations where there are small children because of this special design that helps prevent burns and other injuries.

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