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Choosing a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Hot and cold water dispensers

Hot and cold water dispensers are incredibly convenient appliances, able to quickly dispense hot and cold water with the touch of a button. These units are ideal for use in homes, apartments, and offices alike. Hot and cold water dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with an incredible range of options and designs.

But choosing the right water dispenser can be overwhelming when there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. First you need to ask yourself some basic questions to narrow down your search. From there it's just a few short steps to finding the perfect hot and cold water dispenser.

What's your price range?

Surprisingly, price ranges for hot and cold water dispensers are quiet expansive. The first step in your journey toward a dispenser of your own is to determine your budget. Dispensers, depending on their features can range anywhere from affordable to expensive. Determining your budget is central to beginning your search.

How important is energy efficiency?

Many of today's appliances are made with energy efficiency in mind. This benefits our environment and ensures that nature's resources are maintained. In addition, choosing energy efficient products is a financially sound decision, as efficient products save on utility bills. To further aid in narrowing down this expansive search, determining your own efficiency desires is essential.

Countertop to freestanding water dispensers - which is best for you?

How important is the style and function of the water dispenser for your needs? Are you interested in placing the dispenser on a table, countertop, or in the corner of your office? This is an incredibly important question regarding your search. Hot and cold water dispensers have come far in function and design, and it's now possible to tailor the product to your exact needs.

How important is style and design?

Traditionally hot and cold water dispensers afforded one design: a clear bottle essentially sits atop a dispenser. While this design is still the most common, several different design options have evolved. Hot and cold water dispensers now come with base storage options, hidden bottle design, and can even feature bottle-less, or point-of-use models.

Point-of-use hot and cold water dispensers

Bottleless point-of-use models now dominate the market, offering all the convenience of traditional hot and cold water dispensers . Bottleless hot and cold water dispensers avoid the cost of replacement bottles, the waste of empty bottles, and the hassle of replacing new bottles. These efficient models rely on the water source of the home or office but do require some installation, as they tap directly into available clean water lines. Most hot and cold water dispensers are equipped with state of the art water filtration systems, alleviating any concerns about the cleanliness of the dispensed water.

How much water will you need?

Hot and cold water dispenser

How much water do you need? Different water dispensers offer different water capacities, particularly models that rely on plastic bottles. In general, most bottled water dispensers can accommodate 3 or 5 gallon bottles, which will work for most homes.

However, for large offices or large family homes where the dispenser will receive more frequent use, a point-of-use model may be a better option.

Space requirements - Does size matter?

Concerned about your hot and cold water dispenser taking up too much room? There are several space conscious options available. For example, countertop models are extremely compact and can sit right on your table. Bottleless hot and cold water dispensers also tend to be more compact because they don't have require bottles and are usually a bit more streamlined.

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