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Home Ice Makers: The Ultimate Resource to Find the Best Type


If you're considering a home ice maker, then you need to know which type to choose. Ice makers are a great accessory, and they're an ideal option for a variety of situations.

Whether you're relaxing at home, entertaining, traveling, or boating, there's an ice machine to meet your needs. Home ice machines provide enough ice to keep family and guests well supplied. No matter what model you choose, you'll enjoy perfectly fashioned ice.

The purpose here is to help you understand the different types of ice makers and realize which one is right for you.

The Different Types of Ice Makers


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Portable ice makers are perfect for social events. Use a portable unit at your local recreation center, club house, senior center, or church social.

They are lightweight, small enough to fit on any available counter space, and capable of producing enough ice to make any social event a success.

Many portable ice makers are self-cleaning, produce a variety of ice cubes, and include a LCD panel, a timer, and a convenient drain. They're easy to use, store, and clean; the ideal option for any social activity.




Built-in ice makers are ideal for home bars, RV's, and boats. They're small enough to fit in any available space and produce enough ice to keep you well-supplied.

Have a home bar? A built-in ice maker is convenient. Install it right under the bar, and you won't have to leave the room to enjoy your favorite beverage. Planning a trip? No need to stop and buy ice; install a built-in ice maker and enjoy ice during your entire journey. They are perfect for RV's since space is limited. Boating? Enjoy your favorite beverage with fresh homemade ice.

A built-in ice maker fits perfectly under the counter. They offer a variety of options that make them conveniently easy to use too. Many models offer a reversible door for easy open/close, automatic shut-off so it won't over produce, and an ice bucket for easy dispensing. They're an ideal option for home entertaining and traveling.



Outdoor ice makers complement your outdoor bar perfectly. Whether you're barbequing, relaxing poolside, or entertaining friends and family you'll benefit from one. You'll be able to stay outdoors with your guests since you don't have to run inside and get ice from the refrigerator. All the ice you need is within easy reach.

Many outdoor ice makers feature a fully enclosed back to keep out the rain, automatic overfill protection, a removable bin, reversible door, an air-cooled condenser, and safety listing for outdoor use. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining, providing enough ice to meet your needs.


Don't Forget About All the Great Accessories

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There are many different accessories that you can also get with your ice maker. They will give you endless possibilites for making frozen drinks and tasty desserts.

  • Ice crushers - these units allow you to crush your ice to tiny bits which are great for cooling drinks even faster. Finely crushed ice is also great for making special mixed drinks or your favorite frozen desserts.
  • Ice cream makers - if you use ice to make frozen desserts then you'll definitely enjoy an ice cream maker. These small units can automatically freeze and mix ingredients, making desserts in less than 60 minutes.
  • Snow cone makers - another great frozen treat is a snow cone. With a snow cone maker you can create enough shaved ice to make snow cones for your whole family, just add your favorite flavoring.

And Lastly...

Home ice makers eliminate the need to buy bagged ice, making them a convenient option. Planning a party? Preparing beverages is easier with an ice machine. Whether you're sitting poolside, relaxing in your bonus room, planning a social event, boating on the lake, or taking a road trip they provide enough ice to meet your needs. You'll enjoy fresh ice cubes in minutes.

The size of your ice maker determines the amount of ice produced. On average, a machine can produce 26-44 lbs. of ice per day, depending on the model you choose. So the best way to choose an ice maker is to know where you plan to use it and why.

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