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Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

In optimal conditions, an evaporative cooler can lower the temperature by as much as 20° F. Modern evaporative coolers, also known as "swamp coolers," use simple technology and electrical power to provide a cooling effect. A motor essentially pumps water into water-soaked, fibrous pads, while a fan powered by a separate motor pushes air through the pad.

In arid climates, the entering air is hot and dry and the water will be evaporated. Not only does this decrease the ambient temperature, but it also makes the environment more comfortable because the chilled air is always re-circulated and somewhat damp.  Check out our evaportaive air cooler buying guide pages below and learn everything there is to know about these energy-efficient coolers. 

Compare Evaporative CoolersCompare Evaporative Air Coolers See a comparison chart of some of our most popular swamp coolers and what features they have to offer.
Best Evaporative CoolersOur Best Evaporative Coolers View a selection of our recommended swamp coolers here.
Is an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Right for You?Is an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Right for You? Learn about the basics of swamp coolers, such as what they are, how they work, and how to correctly size one for your area.
Sizing an Evaporative CoolerSizing an Evaporative Air Cooler Choosing the right size swamp cooler will result in maximum cooling efficiency. Learn how to size one here.
Maintaining Your Evaporative CoolerMaintaining Your Evaporative Cooler Swamp coolers are simple cooling units that are easy to maintain. Learn how to maintain your evaporative cooler here.
Swamp Cooler MistakesCommon Swamp Cooler Mistakes Swamp coolers can take care of your cooling needs, but improper setup can hinder cooling efficiency. Learn more here. 
Troubleshooting Your Swamp CoolerTroubleshooting Your Evaporative Air Cooler If you're having problems with your air cooler, learn how to troubleshoot your unit here.
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