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The Fine Art of Storing Wine

NewAir's Built-in Wine Coolers

The wine industry has a dirty little secret. For decades, wine connoisseurs have been telling the public that the best wines are also the most expensive wines. The only way, they said, to learn to truly appreciate the nuances of fine wine was to spend a lot of money.

But the truth is out. Great wine can be bought for as little as $20 a bottle. This leveling of the wine market has had an astonishing effect - sales of wine in the U.S. have gone up 38% in the past 10 years. That's a lot of people drinking wine!

As the number of wine drinkers rises, so does the number of wine accessories available. From wine thermometers and bottle openers, to decanters and novelty wine glass charms, there is an endless array of wine accessories to buy. But the truly savvy wine lover knows that the most important accessory they can own (besides a corkscrew) is a wine cooler.

Why wine coolers? Because even the best wine can be ruined if it's not stored and served at the right temperature.

The ideal storage temperature for wine is 55°F (13°C), which is why underground wine cellars have been the preferred wine storage venue for centuries. Underground rooms make it easy to maintain the right storage conditions for your wine, so it tastes perfect whenever you're ready to imbibe.

Wine racks on kitchen counters or tucked away in a closet just don't do the job, but wine cellars are out of the question for many urban and suburban dwellers. That's why specialized wine refrigerators, wine coolers, and wine chillers have emerged to fill the need for climate controlled wine storage. A wine cooler creates an insulated, refrigerated environment that allows you to maintain your wine collection at the proper temperature. Whether you are storing wine long term, or want to chill your bottle to just the right temperature before serving, a wine cooler allows you to enjoy your wine at the peak of perfection.

All the Prestige without the Price Tag

Like any refrigerator, a wine cooler can present a hefty price tag. In fact, some wine coolers can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, even more than your kitchen refrigerator but with half the storage capacity. Like fine wine itself, these high-end wine coolers are seen as luxury items, only to be enjoyed by those with lots of cash to spend.

But here's another secret the industry would like to keep from you: you don't have to spend a fortune on a wine cooler in order to store your wine collection properly. Attractive, professional-quality wine coolers can be bought for a fraction of the cost of extravagant, high-priced coolers, with absolutely no sacrifice of style or performance. Just like with the wine you'll put in it, a higher price tag doesn't make a better product.

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A better product is what NewAir offers with a new, premier line of built-in wine coolers. Featuring the latest in technological innovation, the NewAir AWR-460DB and AWR-520SB are sleek, must-have accessories for your kitchen or home bar. These coolers are about the size of a dishwasher and slide seamlessly into cabinetry for a custom-built look.

Innovative Compound Cooling System

The most important factor when it comes to storing your wine is ensuring a consistent temperature. The NewAir AWR-460DB and 520SW come equipped with a compound cooling system that maximizes temperature control inside the cabinet, and delivers even temperatures from top to bottom, and front to back.

Built with professional-grade components, the compressor provides reliable cooling for your wine collection at the temperature you select, from 40°F to 64°F (5° - 10°C). Your wine will also appreciate the benefits of both direct and indirect cooling:

NewAir's Compound Cooling System

Indirect cooling

A refrigerated aluminum panel at the rear of the cabinet radiates cold air generated by the compressor into the unit.

Indirect Cooling

Direct cooling

An innovative air flow system circulates cold air through the cabinet, eliminating "hot spots" and ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the unit.

Direct Cooling

This compound cooling advantage can't be found in other compressor-operated wine coolers. Plus, we've added air filtration to keep your wine free from strong odors and impurities that can affect the flavors and aromas you love best.

A Custom Look for Your Home

The professional performance of a NewAir wine cooler is matched only by its exquisite appearance. There is no finer way to display your wine collection. The classic design features a black metal exterior enhanced with a brushed stainless steel handle and door trim.

Inside five wooden shelves sit ready to cradle your wine collection, expertly crafted and finished in natural tones that will blend with your kitchen d??cor, or can be stained to match your cabinetry exactly.

Your wine collection is displayed beautifully with cool blue LED lights that illuminate the interior without affecting the temperature.

Best of all, these units can be built directly into the cabinetry of your wet bar or kitchen, melding seamlessly with your d??cor for a luxurious, custom designed presentation. The front-facing vents and reversible doors give you ultimate flexibility when it comes to placement; use them as built-in refrigerators or as freestanding units, even in small spaces.

Abundant Wine Storage

If you're a wine lover, then you need the ample space provided by the NewAir AWR-460DB and AWR-520SB. How else will you accommodate your growing collection of favorite wines? These coolers are our largest yet, offering all the room you need to house your wine.


Holds up to 46 bottles of wine in two individually zoned compartments. Keep white and red wines separate at their ideal serving temperatures.  


Our largest wine cooler available holds an amazing 52 bottles of wine. That's almost four and a half cases in one beautiful, reliable cooler.

As a matched set, these two wine coolers offer even more storage capacity. With the same exterior dimensions (23.4" W x 22.4" D x 33.0" H), these units are the perfect set of twins. Set the AWR-520SB for 55°F, perfect for long term storage while fine wines age to perfection. Keep the AWR-460DB colder for wine you plan to serve soon - 45°F for Champagne, 48°F for a nice Chardonnay or Pinot Gris, 52°F for a crisp Ros??. The dual zones let you select the temperatures for multiple vintages, personalized for your taste.

Precision Digital Controls

Temperature matters when it comes to wine storage, which is why the AWR series wine coolers are built with digital thermostats that provide precise temperature readings. Paired with the easy-to-read LCD display screens, you'll always know the exact temperature of your wine.

ANW-460DB display

When you need to make an adjustment, the intuitive control panel makes it simple. You can even switch the temperature gauge from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the push of a button. The backlit LCD tells you everything you need to know.

Excellence Above and Beyond

Do you need more reasons to consider the AWR-460DB and AWR-520DB wine coolers from NewAir? How about these:

These compressor refrigerators use less energy to operatethan thermoelectric units of similar size. Plus, they are built with R-134a refrigerant, a coolant that is HFC and CFC free, for reduced impact on the environment.
Insulated protection
With insulated walls and double-paned tempered glass doors, refrigerated air stays inside the wine cooler, reducing energy cost and protecting your wine from changing outside conditions.
Locking doors
Protect your collection from uninvited hands. A steel bolt lock keeps kids out, and stops anyone from helping themselves to your wine.
White glove delivery service
Forget worrying about standard delivery mishaps. Your new wine cooler will be delivered by a professional freight service, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition, ready for installation.

Live the Luxurious Life

Fine wine and a fine wine cooler to keep it in... What more could you need? Well, maybe a few things, but when you shop smart, you know you don't have to spend a fortune to make finer things a regular part of your lifestyle.

For performance, style and reliability, NewAir is the smart choice, and all our products come with the promise of superior customer service. When you have questions or concerns, NewAir is listening, and we'll do everything we can to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Compare the AWR Series Wine Coolers




Bottle Capacity* 4652
ZonesDual Single
Temperature Range 40°- 50°F (top)
50°- 64°F (bottom)
40°-64°F (5°-18°C)
Front-facing vent for built-in use Yes Yes
Number of wine racks 5 (2 in top zone, 3 in bottom) 5
Wine rack construction All woodAll wood
Cooling technology Compressor Compressor
Compound coolingYesYes
Air filtrationYesYes
Dimensions 23.7" x 22.6" x 33.6"23.7" x 22.6" x 33.6"
Net Weight103 lbs 103 lbs

*Bottle capacity is based on standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. Storing larger bottles in the cooler will reduce the overall storage capacity of the unit.

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