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10 Ways to Improve Appraisal

If you plan on selling your home or refinancing at some point in the future, you can increase the appraisal you get just by doing a few simple things. Below area variety of ideas that will help you get the appraisal you want. Whether you're putting your home on the market or you just want some equity, these suggestions can help.

1. Spruce thing up!

You don't need to deep clean everything. Vacuums for hardwood floors or carpets will trap any pet hair and dust, and a handheld steamer will tackle mildew and soap scum in the shower. But there's no need to move furniture for cleaning, and few dirty dishes won't bother the appraiser. Focus on more serious issues too like insects or rodents. Consider moving the broken down car on the side of thehouse. These problems are guaranteed to undermine your attempt for a great appraisal.

2. Create curb appeal

Creating curb appeal is vital. Mow the lawn, hedge, trim trees, and remove any dying or dead plants. As the appraiser takes in the rest of the neighborhood, any foreclosure signs or unfair comparisons won't draw his attention.  In this business appearances are everything. Condition your home to look its best and you're sure to get a fair appraisal.

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3. Make a list of all the upgrades

Itemize a list of upgrades you've made and have on hand any permits obtained for improvements like roofing, fencing, plumbing, or add-ons etc. The appraiser might not know about these upgrades unless they're mentioned. Make sure you have an accurate square footage of the house and its property too. Also be sure you've included everything that's noticeable like built in appliances, flooring,and fixtures.

4. Get comparisons and have them on hand

Most appraisers bring comps with them. But it doesn't hurt to have some of your own to use in comparison. After all, you probably know the neighborhood better than he or she does and a neighbor might have sold their property without thehelp of a real estate agent. Every little bit helps and it's better to be on the side of prepared than unprepared.

5. Check for peeling paint

Make sure there isn't any peeling paint indoors or out. Depending on when your home was built, this could present a problem and upset your appraisal. FHA and VA require peeling paint in houses built before 1978 to be removed because of lead.

6. Make it count!

Be mindful of upgrades you make before the appraisal and don't spend money that doesn't yield a return. The best investments are carpet, paint, lighting and plumbing fixtures. The best advice is to fix it when it breaks that way your home is always in the best possible condition.

7. Mention neighborhood improvements

Increase Home Profitability Home Upgrades

Location matters! If there have been neighborhood improvements, mention them. New parks, schools and community shopping centers help to increase appraisal.

8. The $500 rule

Homes are typically appraised in $500 increments, so if there's an improvement that needs to be made that costs more than $500, it'll count against the property. It's important to fix leaky faucets, cracked windows, and other structural damage.

9. Age

All homes are appraised based on the age of the home, upgrades, and overall condition. The effective age of the home can be average or above average. If you want your home to be appraised according to the comps you provide, then be sure to update carpeting, broken tile, torn vinyl flooring, or old dingy paint.

10. Get the pets out of the way

A stranger in the home can upset your pet as much as your pet might upset the appraiser. Some appraisers even complain that pets can be a nuisance when trying to do their job. Keep your appraiser in a good mood and don't cloud his opinion of your home. Put your pets in a safe place and out of the way.

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