Mammoth Air Purifiers: Clean the Air 1000 Times Over

Pure, refreshing air is not an extinct notion that died around the Industrial Revolution. Mammoth Air created a powerful air purifier with enough strength to clean the air around your entire house. The Mammoth Air 1000 UV air purifier has six stages of filtration, each designed to tackle some of the many pollutants that can contaminate the ambient air. The Mammoth Air 1000 features washable filters; wash and reuse the filters many times, eliminating the need for expensive filter replacements. This low-maintenance air purifier is less expensive in the long-run to comparable air purifiers.

Mammoth Air Purifier 1000

  1. Pre-filter: The first layer of filtration removes the large
    particles from the air, like dust and anything visible to the naked eye.
  2. HEPA filter: HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. HEPA
    material is the most effective type of air filter for removing dust,
    allergens, and microorganisms from the air.
  3. Photocatalytic Oxidation filter: The third filter is coated with titanium dioxide which reacts with the UV lamp to produce reactive ions and electrons. The highly reactive sub-particles attach to and destroy odor-causing compounds through oxidation.
  4. Germicidal UV Lamp: This concentrated UV lamp destroys organic micro-particles through a photochemical process. The high-intensity UV light breaks down irritating airborne pathogens, destroying their organic material and DNA.
  5. Ozone Plate: The optional ceramic ozone plate releases safe levels of ozone into the air, about 0.55 ppm. Ozone circulates through the air to remove odors, dust, and pet dander from the air and on surfaces.
  6. UV Ionizer: The ionizer disperses trillions of negatively charged ions throughout the home, neutralizing floating contaminants. Negative ions also enhance the efficiency of the other filters.

The Mammoth Air 1000 vastly improves the air quality by targeting pollutants using laboratory-tested methods. It processes huge volumes of air, defying a surprisingly compact design. The Mammoth 1000 is whisper quiet and easy to disassemble in order to clean the filters. Try out Mammoth’s air purifiers to enjoy healthy, clean air around the house or at work.

Do you use an air purifier?
Do you notice a difference on your skin or breathing?

5 thoughts on “Mammoth Air Purifiers: Clean the Air 1000 Times Over

  1. I notice a HUGE difference in my skin quality and energy when i’m using an air purifier. i haven’t tried this mammoth air purifier in particular. With HEPA style air purifiers, you’ll notice it take much longer for any dust to settle on flat surfaces.

  2. We use a wood burning fireplace at our apartment, it really is inefficient. We have to continually pile logs into the hearth to keep the inferno going. I think an electric fireplace insert might be a good alternative if we can find one that fits.

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