2 Million Dangerous Space Heaters Recalled from Walmart

Big box retailer Walmart issued a voluntary recall of more than 2.2 million electric space heaters this month. Walmart and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have recalled the 1500 watt space heaters due to safety concerns. They received 21 reports of fire or sparking, resulting in property damage and four minor injuries that required medical treatment. The heaters are prone to malfunction, causing them to overheat, smoke, burn, melt, and catch on fire. Personally, I find the idea of a cheap, made in China heater bursting into flames rather frightening.

Heater recalled at Walmart

Customers are urged to return gray space heaters branded as Flow Pro, Airtech, Aloha Breeze, or Comfort Essentials. The heater is labeled as Model number 1013 and has been branded under various names; the recall applies to heaters purchased between December 2001 and October 2009. The defective space heaters can be returned at any Walmart location for a full refund.

This Walmart electric space heater is boxy and nondescript, with a metal handle on top and vent openings in front. It retails for $18.00 and serves as a warning to customers shopping for a space heater this season. The budget price is not worth the risk of having unsafe, untested products in your house. Almost all of the space heaters on Air & Water have been independently verified as safe by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Look for a model with safety features, like automatic shutoff to prevent overheating and tip-over protection. The NewAir AH-400 electric space heater has both of these features, plus its heating element is a oil filled radiator. The contained design makes sparking and smoking virtually impossible. Stay safe and stay warm!

Have you used a dangerous appliance before?
Are people likely to return an $18 item bought years ago, if they even hear about this recall?

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  1. Interesting, I might have this type of space heater. It’s a little confusing how Wal Mart sells this same space heater under so many different brands