1st Annual Air&Water March Madness Event

Air&Water's 1st Annual March Madness Bracket

Announcing Air & Water’s 1st Annual March Madness Bracket

We’ve been bitten by the March Madness bug! Our office has played internally for the past 5 seasons, but this time we wanted to play with some of our most dedicated customers. To sweeten the pot, in addition to bragging rights, we have put a NewAir AK-200BK beer dispenser on the line for the winner of our bracket.

We have detailed directions here on our site. The basic information is as follows:

Navigate to our friends at Runyourpool.com.

  1. Our Pool ID is 22315
  2. Our Pool Password is kegerator
  3. Use the secure website and enter your information in the form provided
  4. Choose your teams and cross your fingers!

Picks can be made no later than 12:15 ET on March 21 so be sure to have everything submitted and saved before then!

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