Our Best Window Fans

Do you enjoy having a fresh breeze circulating throughout your home but feel that leaving your window open just doesn't provide enough air movement? If so, a window fan may be the right fan for you. Window fans have been used for decades to maintain comfortable temperatures and ventilation, and operate at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning. See our picks for best window fans below. 

Lasko 2138 Window Fan
The Lasko 2138 is one of our best selling window fans. This 8" reversible fan cools down individual rooms and comes with integrated plastic extender panels for easy installation. Fits most 25" to 35" windows.MORE INFO
Air King 9166 Window Exhaust Fan
The Air King 9166 is one of our best window exhaust fans overall. It offers up to 3,560 CFM and has a unique Storm Guard that lets you close the window behind the fan without having to uninstall it. MORE INFO
Holmes HAWF2021 Window Fan
The Holmes HAWF2021 7" window fan is a great value. This easy to install window fan features twin blade operation and offers two different speed settings. It's perfect for adding fresh air in small to medium size rooms. MORE INFO
Dayton DA-7F67 Attic Exhaust Fan
The Dayton DA-7F67 is specifically designed to remove hot, stuff air from your attic. This attic exhaust fan offers up to 1,095 CFM and has shutters to protect the motor from elemental damage.MORE INFO

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