Our Best Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners work very similar to a central air conditioning unit but are contained in one complete unit. More efficient than a portable AC but less than central systems, window air conditioners are mounted in a window or through a wall in a cabinet. Need help deciding?  See our list of best window air conditioners below:

Soleus SG-WAC-25HCE Window Air Conditioner
Get ready for some serious cooling with the Soleus SG-WAC-25HCE! This window air conditioner offers an amazing 24,500 BTUs of cooling, making it suitable for cooling areas up to 900 square feet.MORE INFO
Comfort-Aire RADS-81 Window Air Conditioner
If energy efficiency is your main concern, then theComfort-Aire RADS-81 is a great choice! This 8,000 BTU window air conditioner with digital display is ENERGY STAR certified and has a programmable timer with remote. MORE INFO

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