Our Best Wall Fans

If you can't sacrifice any floor or table space, consider a wall fan. These are perfect for either residential and commercial use and mount to a wall or ceiling. Many models also offer pivoting heads and/or oscillation for widespread air movement. See our picks for best wall fans below:

Air King 9312 Electric Fan
Direct cool air where you need it most with the Air King 9312. This popular 12" fan can be mounted on walls, ceilings and more. It also features a pivoting head and up to 1360 CFM of cooling. MORE INFO
Air King 9718 Electric Fan
Featuring 3190 CFM of cooling when set on high speed, the Air King 9718 is one of our most powerful wall fans. This 18" unit features all-steel construction and is suitable for industrial or commercial settings. MORE INFO
Air King 9016 Electric Fan
The Air King 9016 is a great, affordable cooling option if you need to save space. This 16" wall mount fan offers 90° oscillation, 3 different speeds and quality construction, making it an excellent value.MORE INFO
Air King 9012 Electric Fan
Stay cool and save floor space with the Air King 9012. This value-priced 12" electric wall fan is compact and great for use in areas with high foot traffic. It also oscillates for widespread air distribution. MORE INFO

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