Our Best Vacuum Cleaners

With so many different vacuums available on the market, it's sometimes tough to choose the right one that will both fit your budget as well as your needs. That's why we've compiled a list of our top selling vacuums below.  Also, don't forget to follow these guidelines:

  • If you have mostly carpet in your home, choose an upright vacuum

  • If you have a combination of floor surfaces, including stairs and upholstery, choose a canister vacuum

  • If you have mostly hard floors, choose a stick vacuum or any model with a hard floor attachment

  • For quick pick ups of small spills, choose a cordless, handheld or stick vacuum

Eureka 3670G Canister Vacuum
The Eureka 3670G canister vacuum is a lightweight, portable alternative to a full sized upright vacuum. This unit also comes with several cleaning tools to let you clean a variety of different surfaces. MORE INFO