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What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

You can easily select the best portable air conditioner for your needs by learning what features or specifications to look at. The decision process becomes even easier when you know what you need out of your new air conditioner. This selection represents the best portable ACs in important categories that may be important to you.

Most Important Features

  • Moveable: Quality portable air conditioning systems have sturdy casters and wheels, allowing larger units to be pushed from room to room with ease.
  • Venting System: All portable air conditioners need to be vented to the outside and will need to be placed within a few feet of a window or vent. Some high end portable air conditioners use a two hose system that vents the compressor separately to provide even more efficient cooling.
  • Airflow: All air conditioning systems work more efficiently if the ambient air around them is being circulated. All portable ACs come equipped with fans, but look for units that oscillate and have adjustable airflow for truly great air circulation.
  • Temperature Control: Digital controls will allow you better control of the temperature on your portable air conditioning unit and generally have bonus features such as timers and sleep modes.
  • BTU: BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures the cooling or heating ability of any air conditioner or heater. The amount of BTUs needed to cool the room goes up with room size. For an average 325 sq. ft. room you'll needs an air conditioning unit with about 10,000 BTUs of cooling power.
  • EER: EER (energy efficiency ratio) is calculated by dividing the units cooling power (in BTUs) by the wattage used to achieve this cooling. The higher an EER the more efficient it is at cooling. High EER ACs will save you money because they use less electricity to keep you cool.

Below are a selection of our best portable air conditioners in a variety of useful areas. These should help you make a choice based on the key areas that are important to you in a portable AC.

NewAir AC-10000E Portable Air Conditioner


NewAir AC-10000E: This AC uses R-410A instead of R-22. R-22 has been found to be toxic to both the environment and your health. This model boasts 325 square feet of coverage with its 10,000 BTU capacity. With an impressive EER of 11 you'll be able to stay cool without the cost this summer.


NewAir AC-10100E

Best Compact AC

NewAir AC-10100E: The AC-10100E is a great way to have powerful cooling in a tight space. Offering nearly identical performance and features as NewAir's AC-10000E but coming in at a slight 11" L x 13" W x 29" H and 50lb. weight, the AC-10100E is one of the best options out there for staying cool without being stuck with a huge unit.


NewAir AC-12000E

Best Mid-Sized AC

NewAir AC-12000E: This AC is a great compromise and provides powerful cooling without being too large or using too much electricity. NewAir's AC-12000E can cool up to 425 sq. ft. with 12,000 BTU and it boasts an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.2. Convenient features like a 24 hour timer and an automatic defrost round out the features of one of our best selling ACs.


Soleus LX140 Portable Air Conditioner

Premium Model

Soleus LX-140: The Soleus LX-140 features commercial grade 4-in-1 technology and 14,000 BTU of cooling capacity. The LX-140 is also a dehumidifier, air purifier, and oscillating fan. It includes a 24-hour timer, colored digital display, and a remote control. It uses evaporative technology for cooling, which makes use of water to make it run more efficiently. It uses a dual-hose cooling system, complete with all the items needed to install the portable air conditioner into your home. The hose system of drainage is leak-free, but this model includes a holding tank to handle extra-humid weather.


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