Our Best Floor Fans

Electric floor fans are ideal for areas where mounting a fan on a wall or ceiling just isn't feasible.  These fans provide powerful airflow and ventilation at foot level, making them great for homes, offices, warehouses, factories or even garages.  See our top picks for best floor fans below:

Air King 9220 Electric Fan
The Air King 9220 is perfect for a variety of settings - home, office or even your garage. This powerful 20" floor fan offers up to 3670 CFM and features steel construction, three cooling speeds and rear rotary switch.MORE INFO
Air King 9224 Electric Fan
Cool down warehouses, offices or factories with the Air King 9224. Powerful enough for industrial applications, this 24" floor fan offers up to 7400 CFM and features a 360° pivoting head for directional cooling. MORE INFO
Air King 9935 Electric Fan
The Air King 9935 floor fan directs air where you need it most. This 14" fan offers up to 1385 CFM and features a pivoting head. It also doubles as a window fan and can fit windows up to 18.5" wide, making it a great value!MORE INFO
Air King 9219 Electric Fan
If you need a floor fan that easily moves from one area to the next, consider the Air King 9219. This 18" fan comes with a stand and rolling casters for easy movement. Offers up to 3190 CFM of cooling. MORE INFO