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Best electric fireplace for heating

You may wonder why we would ask such a question. While not all do, of course electric fireplaces produce heat! Customers may choose an electric fireplace over a conventional fireplace for several reasons. Firstly, electric fireplaces do not utilize combustion in order to generate heat or the illusion of fire. Instead, they are equipped with an electric heater and often times patented and proprietary flame replication technologies which all purport to be the 'best'.

Dimplex BLF50

Dimplex BLF50 Lifestyle


Air-n-Water's Comment:

Long and strong down to get the friction of air moving over a heated element thereby being disbursed into a room to increase ambient temperatures. Dimplex takes much pride in their products, protecting them with patented technology to improve your life and impress your senses. Heat is generated from an electric heater for efficient and cost effective warmth any time of the year.

Everything required to enjoy this unit is included in the box. No extra trips to the hardware store. Intended for those who want to show off their home, this unit plays to that desire without sacrificing anything. Convenience and appearances are pushed to the forefront of your experience.



  • 1-year warranty
  • 4198 BTUs
  • 1230 watts
  • Covers up to 450 sq. ft.

Expert Opinion:

We consulted local glass experts and preserving a glass facade of this quality and size is an incredibly difficult challenge. This much glass greatly increases the weight of the unit, but, because it is so long, that weight is distributed over a wider area reducing overall load. Although great to look at, our in house heating expert commented on how this unit can effectively heat an area quite small in proportion to it's overall size.

Another downside is that of appearance. In order to achieve the best results where the unit is recessed in the wall, a substantial portion of your wall will need to be removed which might be problematic if you decide to replace the unit with something else or want to move it at any point in the future.

Customer's comments:

Amy said this of her BLF50:

I wasn't sure on these fireplaces and it was a lot of money for an electric FP. I have to say we are more then happy with our purchase. They are beautiful and better then expected. Everyone comments on them and how cool they are. We were going to do propane but for a fraction of the price found these and thought we would try them. It was so easy to install and we love the look so much we ordered two. We bought one for our living room and one for our bedroom. We are so happy with this choice.

Real Flame 2900

2900 Image1

Air-n-Water's Comment:

For outdoor fires that need to happen outdoors, then this is the fireplace for you. It offers ample heating and makes outdoor environments that much more enjoyable. Once summer wanes and nights become colder, you need to find a way to extend the outdoor living season. This unit is portable and powerful so it can be utilized in almost any outdoor environment to ensure comfortable spaces as long as you occupy them.

Compact and super easy to assemble, this unit requires little maintenance and upkeep. Easy to refuel using gel canisters, forget about installing this unit and connecting it to a gas line. It is also portable so it can be taken camping or moved about with ease.


  • 3,000 BTUs
  • Quick assembly for comfort in a hurry
  • Free standing so that it doesn't have to be built into a fixture
  • 20x20x29" dimensions

Expert Opinion:

This is definitely not a sales pitch as we only provide honest, genuine and unbiased information. The 2900 is absolutely easy to assemble. However, describing it as a "fireplace" is somewhat misleading. Yes, a life fire can be contained in this place but it really just houses flaming cans of gel fuel underneath a set of imitation logs.

Moreover, this product does not target the dissipation of heat with any predictability. As it is not a infrared heater that radiates heat in one direction to heat solid objects, one must be dangerously close to enjoy the meager amount of heat it outputs.

Customer's comments:

Janey L. Clancy expressed their opinion about the Real Flame 2900.

This was a gift to my husband who enjoys sitting on our deck every night spring to fall. He also loves fireplaces in the winter. I bought this for him to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the flames all year round. Unfortunately after unpacking everything and then starting the set up we discovered it bent and unable to assemble some parts. Should have was so beat up upon delivery.

Dimplex GDS32-1164P

Dimplex GDS32-1164BW Authentic Looking Faux Fireplace

Air-n-Water's Comment:

Have you been hunting for the perfect appliance to bring back that feel of traditional, rustic ruggedness? Don't want to commit to a huge undertaking and renovate much of your house in order to do so? The Dimplex Kendal is the perfect method to achieve those goals. Marvel at the twinned bracketed pilasters as they rise from a substantial base in order to support stylish compound crown molding and recessed top. As with other Dimplex units, this unit packs in patented flame technology for realistic fire and glowing logs with pulsing embers to better create the facsimile of a fire. Built-in air purification is something a conventional fire could never do, but this appliance can.

This unit does everything it can to better emulate the actual experience of a fire. Realistic flames can be seen inside the firebox with the surround takes every detail into account. Monolithic in stature, this fireplace is almost as good as the real McCoy.


  • 5120 BTUs and 1500 watts
  • Includes remote control, thermostat and air purifier
  • Covers up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Equipped with interior lighting

Expert Opinion:

Although this product attempts to be a jack-of-all-trades by providing heat as well as air purification, the rest of the idiom progresses "master of none" in that it does not perform remarkably well in comparison to dedicated units. If you are interested in superior heating and measurably cleaner air, choose task specific units for the job.

Customer's comments:

Busy Mom of Three reviewed the GDS32-1164BW saying:

I love the look of this fireplace. Our home is so energy efficient we do not need another heat source or it would be too warm. This fireplace is in our open- kitchen, dining and family room floor plan. So with the oven on and lots of people we would not be able to have a real or gas fire or it would be too warm. This fireplace is beautiful and gives the room a more comfy/warm feeling when you enter the room. It is very quiet and the flame is very realistic. It does not give off much light though. Also I would recommend good lighting (like recessed) to show off the mantle because it is pretty dark. The red light that tells you it is on is annoying and detracts from the fire looking real. The detail of the mantle does not allow mantle clips to hang stockings so I had to buy a holder but worries me they will slide off. Of all the electric fireplaces we looked at though this is the best. We searched for a year but kept coming back to this one. The service was great and you can't beat free shipping. Bottom LineYes, I would recommend this to a friend