Our Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Hate dealing with steamy windows, mirrors or damp walls in your bathroom?  Bathroom ventilation fans quickly clear the air and help prevent problems caused by excess moisture such as mildew or wood rot. 

When shopping for a bathroom fan, think about what features are most important to you.  Do you want a unit that's quiet or one that has a powerful blower?  Perhaps you need one with a built-in light or a model with a heater? To make it easier to decide, we've compiled a list of ourbest bathroom exhaust fans below. 

Broan 679 Bathroom Exhaust Fan
The Broan 679 is a great all-purpose bathroom fan and is easy to install, making it one of our most popular models. This model offers 70 CFM and has a 100-watt lighting capacity. MORE INFO
Broan 658 Bathroom Exhaust Fan
The Broan 658 is the perfect all-in-one bathroom exhaust fan. This model not only removes bathroom moisture and odors, but also comes with a built-in heater! MORE INFO
Broan QTXE150 Bathroom Exhaust Fan
The Broan QTXE150 is one of our most powerful bathroom ventilation fans. This fan offers almost twice the power of our other models and provides 150 CFM. MORE INFO
Broan QTX110HL Bathroom Exhaust Fan
The Broan QTX110HL is one of our most full featured exhaust fans. This model has it all - fan, heater and light - bringing convenience and comfort to your bathroom. MORE INFO