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Air & Water BBB Reviews: Better Business Bureau Rating & Information

The Better Business Bureau is a nationwide business rating and accreditation company with the goal of establishing trust between businesses and customers. They also help customers resolve complaints and provide a convenient online directory of businesses and the ratings they've received from customers.

BBB Seal

The BBB was founded in 1912 after a series of court cases over false advertisement inspired then marketing manager of Coca-Cola, Samuel Dobbs, to become a proponent of truth in advertising. Over the years Dobbs original organization merged with other consumer advocacy groups and finally became the Association of Better Business Bureaus, Inc in 1946. As a BBB accredited retailer since April of 2004, we meet all accreditation standards and actively participate in the BBB customer feedback process.

Our Commitment

At, we continually uphold the BBB standards and strive to go above and beyond customer expectations. We've long believed in treating customer how we think any retailer should treat customers. We're eager to answer your questions and help in any way we can. We look forward to being able to provide you the best solution to your problem. If you aren't satisfied with your product or any other part of your ordering process the Air & Water team is eager to hear your feedback as we routinely adjust our practices to best suit customer needs.

Find Us Online

To see our listing and learn more about our BBB rating, please look through the Air & Water listing page here. Better Business Bureau complaints are displayed for the last 3 years online and a detailed view of each customer complaint and our responses to the customer is readily accessible on the page.

At the writing of this page we currently hold an A- rating with the BBB and have resolved a range of customer complaints through the BBB complaint system. Because of our participation in the BBB complaint resolution process we have been able to fix a number of problems in our order processing and shipping process.

If you have an issue with any part of your ordering, delivery, or product experience we invite you to contact us directly as well. We can be reached at the following:

  • By phone at: 1-800-734-0405
  • By email at:
  • By mail or in person at: 1100 S. Linwood Ave. Bldg. B, Santa Ana, CA 92705
BBB-Acredited Business