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NewAir Cigar Cooler Product Launch

NewAir is excited to announce the launch of their new CC-121E Cigar Cooler which promises to care for your cigar collection like no other. However it doesn't only have your cigars in mind, but also your home, with its modern edge. This compact, thermoelectric cigar cooler features a premium stainless steel door, black cabinet and tempered glass. And to make it sound even better, it holds up to 250 cigars. It comes compact with two shelves and one drawer for storage.

As most of you know, cigars are quite sensitive to their environment, so protection is a number one priority when preventing them from quickly going off. It is necessary that they are in a controlled environment with the right combination of temperature and moisture. Knowing how to store your cigars is vital for their longevity, and storing them in a cooler will keep them fresh and in prime condition when ready to smoke. All of these reasons is why the CC-121E cigar cooler is perfect for any Cigar fanatic.

Why do you need a Cigar Cooler?

So you're probable asking yourself, why would I need a cigar cooler? Cigars need to be stored in order to maintain their characteristics and flavor for enjoyment. Tobacco is also a tropical plant that needs cooling in order to recreate its native environment of the proper humidity levels.

To complete the NewAir CC-121E cigar cooler, you need three things: A humidor, a humidifier, and a hygrometer. A humidor is a storage box or container that is designed to allow air flow and maintain humidity and moisture within its interior. A humidifier is a device that allows you to control the amount of humidity in the humidor. Hygrometers are used to measure the level of relative humidity (RH) in your humidor. All three items are made to help you protect your cigars, and their performance is measured by how fresh your cigars are. However, cigars in a humidor can become moldy if there is no air circulating.

CC-121E Features

Thermoelectric Cigar Cooling System
The CC-121E uses a thermoelectric cooling system that keeps cigars moist with fewer moving parts. With no compressor, this cigar cooler operates quietly with minimal vibration and airtight storage.

Compact in Size
This modern cigar cooler comes compact with two Spanish cedar shelves and one drawer, all of which have been designed and crafted in the USA. With its compact design, this carefully crafted cigar cooler is guaranteed to look great on your kitchen top or in your man cave or mini bar.

During the winter season, be sure to move your humidor into a warmer room but away from direct sunlight or heating sources. Do the opposite for the summer time. Place the humidor in an air conditioned room, but away from windows and direct sunlight.

Do Not:

  • Store cigars in direct sunlight or UV rays
  • Store flavored cigars next to non-flavored cigars

Digital Temperature Control
Storing your cigars at the correct temperature is important, and the CC-121E gives you control with its adjustable digital thermostat. By one push of a button, it enables you to easily adjust the temperature to your desired preference. The recommended temperature for cigar storage is between 68-70° F. Any higher can encourage infestation, and any lower can impair the age and flavor. Excess heat can cause mold and tobacco beetles. Tobacco beetles lay their eggs on tobacco leaves, which may survive to be rolled up into a cigar. The eggs only hatch in a warmer temperature, and they will dig their way to the surface which damages the cigar.

Ensuring your cigars are stored at the proper temperature is very important, along with maintaining the proper humidity. The ideal humidity level to keep a cigar fresh should be between a constant and consistent 67-72% inside the humidor. It is needed to conserve moisture and freshness for your cigars, which will allow it to burn slowly.

A dried out cigar has brittle tobacco that causes it to burn quickly. Excess moisture can cause cigars to become soggy, stale, and moldy. The cigar can become un-smokable if it starts to expand and break. This is why it is important that air is circulating throughout the humidor. Shelves also allow moisture to circulate throughout the humidor, and opening it occasionally can give it fresh air to use.

Soft LED Light
The interior LED light illuminates your collection without creating extra heat that could spoil your cigars. The blue LED light adds a soft, stylish touch to your collection.

2 Shelves and 1 Drawer
With Spanish cedar shelving and drawers, this 250 count cigar cooler helps maintain a stable climate, protects against harmful tobacco worms, supports the aging process, promotes good flavor, and prevents mold so you can enjoy a fresh cigar each and every time. The drawers and shelves are handmade and crafted in the USA.

The most important feature to consider when buying a humidor is the seal. An airtight seal will make sure your cigars are kept in great quality and will not allow air to pass that dries them out. This isn't something that you will have to worry about with the CC-121W.

NewAir CC121E at a Glance:

Product Dimensions: 14.00" W x 19.5" D x 19.00" H
Product Weight: 26.00 lbs.
Product Color: Black/Stainless Steel
Cigar Capacity: Chills up to 250 Cigars
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
Voltage: 115 volts
Watts: 50 watts
Amps: 0.8 amps
Frequency: 60 Hz
Cigar Cooler Style: Freestanding
Type: Single zone
Cooling Technology: Thermoelectric
Temperature Display:Digital
Certifications: ETL

What is a Thermoelectric Cooler?

There are two types of coolers: Thermoelectric or Compressor. Both do the same job, but use a different number of parts. Thermoelectric coolers have fewer operating parts that create temperature differences. The interior within thermoelectric coolers cools as its electrical current passes through the ceramic tile. They are vibration-free and very quiet. A compressor cooler's molecules are squeezed together to create a heated vapor that travels through a condenser, going through a flash evaporation turning it cold. With an interior fan, the air is blown through the coils, which produces the cool air. Compressor coolers have a powerful cooling capacity and can handle larger capacities of storage.

How to Use Your Cigar Cooler

If you've never used a cigar cooler before, then you'll learn pretty quickly. The basics of storing cigars are really easy to remember, and you will become an expert in no time. By adding a hygrometer to monitor humidity and a humidifier to maintain humidity to the CC-121E, you will have a complete humidor. By doing this, you're ensuring that your cigars will be in optimal condition even after a long period of time.

However placing more cigars than your cigar cooler was created for can hinder the circulation of air. It's important that you lay your cigars horizontally and avoid opening and closing the cigar cooler often to prevent them from burning irregularly.