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20+ Ways to Use a Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Typical Water Cooler

When people think of a hot and cold water cooler they typically just think of using them to get a simple drink of water. However, when you own a hot and cold water cooler the possibilities are endless! The combination of both ice cold and piping hot water makes using a water cooler extremely versatile. They can be used for food and drink preparation, cleaning, warming and many other applications. Read on to learn about how a hot and cold water cooler can start making your job around the house a little easier and your day at work a little more interesting.

Easily Prepare Food and Drinks with a Hot and Cold Water Cooler

A water cooler is the perfect addition to your home's wet bar.

  • Make perfectly chilled drink combinations, like the recipe for a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade included at the end of this article.

  Use the piping hot water to make your favorite tea, hot chocolate, and coffee.

  • For tea, just add the hot water to a mug with a tea bag. Then make some yummy additions such as lemon, milk, sugar, or honey.
  • Making hot chocolate is easy - just add some cocoa powder to your mug of hot water and stir until completely dissolved. Then add in sweetener, milk, or even some marshmallows.
  • You can make coffee without a coffee maker, just put some coffee grounds in a filter and slowly pour hot water from the hot and cold water cooler through it, letting it pass into a mug.  
Water Dispenser Soup

Preparing food with a water cooler is just as easy as preparing drinks.

  • For breakfast, just mix hot water with instant oatmeal. You can make additions like sweetener and brown sugar for extra flavor and berries for extra nutrients.
  • Soup is a great meal because it can be tailored to any season. At work you can easily make your premixed soups for lunch by just adding a bit of hot water from the hot and cold water cooler.
  • Also, a hot and cold water cooler is perfect for making gelatin desserts as the recipes call for both piping hot and ice cold water in order for the gelatin to set properly.

  A water cooler can basically be used for any food and drink recipe that requires piping hot or ice cold water, or any temperature of water in between as you can mix both hot and cold. A cooler saves you time from having to boil and chill water, since standard sinks never seem to get hot or cold enough.

Hot and cold water dispensers are also great for preparing food and drinks for pets.

  • You can fill your pet's water dish with perfectly chilled water that will hydrate and refresh them.
  • Also, add a little bit of warm water from your hot and cold water cooler to dry foods, so they are easier for your pet to eat. 

Cleaning is Simple with a Hot and Cold Water Cooler

A hot and cold water cooler also has several cleaning uses.

  • You can easily use the piping hot water from the hot and cold water cooler to soften food that is stuck on containers for easier removal.
  • Use the cold water to rinse out plastic or aluminum containers, preparing them for recycling.
  • The hot water can also easily remove any candle or wax residue.
  • Polishing tarnished silver or jewelry is easy with a hot and cold water cooler. All you need is baking soda, aluminum foil or pan and a glass or plastic dish. 

Warming with a Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Water coolers can also be used for several different warming applications.

  • You can use them to prepare bottles for babies.
  • Immerse ice cream scoops, cheese slicers, or knives in a container with hot water from the hot and cold water cooler. Then you'll be able to easily scoop out ice cream, slice your cheeses and cut into other foods.
  • Melting chocolate, softening butter and warming syrup couldn't be any faster with access to instant hot water.
  • Also, you'll be able to quickly thaw meats and vegetables for meals. 

Other Applications for a Hot and Cold Water Cooler

The uses for water coolers don't stop there. They can be used in many other applications as well.

  • Do you have any aches and pains? Use a hot and cold water cooler to make hot compresses. Immerse a towel in hot water from the dispenser. Please note: It is very important that you don't touch the piping hot water as it could burn you! Either combine it with a little cold water or use rubber gloves to handle it. Then put the wet towel in a plastic, sealable bag, making sure it is closed securely. Wrap it in another dry towel and apply it to the aching area.
  • You can also make cold compresses on really hot days when you need to lower your body temperature. Just make them the same as hot compresses just using cold water, then place on your neck or wrists.
  • Add a little hot water to potpourri to help it better disperse scents throughout a room.
  • Hot water also helps you easily remove labels from jars. Running hot water over the label makes it soggy removing the stickiness so that it can easily be scraped away.
  • Also, hot water from a hot and cold water cooler allows you to loosen stubborn lids from cans and jars. Because hot water makes the lid expand from the jar the grooves don't fit as tightly allowing it to screw off more easily. 

These are only a few of the limitless uses of a hot and cold water cooler. Can you think of any more? If you don't already own a hot and cold water cooler you can browse the wide selection of models. They come in bottled, countertop and POU (Point of Use) varieties so you can find the hot and cold water cooler that best fits your home or office needs today!

Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade (Makes 1 Pitcher)

1 cup frozen sweetened strawberries, thawed (you can thaw them quickly by using the hot water from the hot and cold water cooler)
6 cups cold water
?? cup sugar
1 cup fresh lemon juice

  1. In a blender, combine the strawberries, sugar and 1 cup of water and mix until smooth (If you don't like seeds then you can strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve).
  2. Combine in a pitcher with the remaining 5 cups of water and lemon juice.
  3. Add additional sugar for your sweetness preference and then serve over ice.

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