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Child with unhealthy soda

Does drinking soda lead to health problems like diabetes, headaches, memory loss, and obesity? Children and the impact sweetened drinks are havingon their lives is a topic every one's talking about. Science and medicalresearch blame traditional soda for the unhealthy state of children today.

A couple of health thugs are aspartame and high fructosecorn syrup.

These well-known additives are stirring the pot,creating controversy few medical researchers and scientists can agree on.

We're all trying our best to stay healthy and convince ourchildren to make healthy choices. So let's look at the argument swirling aroundaspartame and high fructose corn syrup. Knowing about the ongoing debate willhelp you decide if store bought soda is the best option for you.

Aspartame Controversy

Scientists and researchers blame traditional soda for the unhealthy state ofchildren today. Some argue aspartame is unhealthy, a dangerous substance that causes severeillness. http://globalhealthcenter.com/ reports that aspartamecan cause illness like fibromyalgia, brain tumor, memory loss, lymphoma, andmigraines.

On the other hand, http://livestrong.com/ reports that the FDA andthe National Cancer Society don't find a connection between serious illness andaspartame.

So what are consumers to believe?

Did you know that aspartame is one of the most widelyconsumed artificial sweeteners in the world? It's found in over 6,000 itemsincluding carbonated and powdered soft drinks, hot chocolate, chewing gum, andcandy. More than 200 million people in the world consume it.

According to Dr. Jospeh Mercola of the Huffington Post Healthy Living diet soda accounts for 70 percent of the aspartame consumed. A 12ounce can of diet soda contains 180 mg of aspartame, and aspartame users ingestan average of 200 mg per day."

He goes on to suggest that "the conventional medicalestablishment and our health agencies are frightfully resistant to thepossibility that aspartame may have anything to do with health problems - afterall, aspartame is FDA approved and has been "safely used" for years!"

What is High Fructose Corn Syrup and is it Harmful?

Another touchy soda additive is high fructose cornsyrup. High fructose corn syrup - a mass produced sweetener- is added to mostfruit juices, sports drinks and soda.

Scientists have linked HFSC directly to obesity. According to healt.msn.com, "the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) calledon the FDA to require health warnings on sodas. Peter J. Havel, anendocrinologist at UC Davis, researchers and epidemiologists suspect thatincreased HFCS, particularly in sodas, is a contributing factor to the rise inobesity."

To support this theory, Dr. George Bray, a professor of medicine at LouisianaState Universitydescribes HFCS as a "solution with fructose and glucose as separate molecules,whereas sucrose or table sugar- is a single molecule coupling fructose andglucose."

He goes onto indicate that "there are twice as manymolecules of sweetener in a 10 percent solution of HFCS as in a 10 percentsolution of sugar. This makes the fructose in the HFCS solution more availableto stimulate the sweet receptors on the tongue."

In other words, HFCS may make the soft drinks moredesirable for their sweetness than if they were sweetened with ordinary sugar.Bray also suggests that the higher molecule number may play a role in the waysweetened sodas enhance our desire to eat or drink more.

Because obesity is the known cause for Type 2 diabetes,concern over the addition of HFCS is even more prevalent than ever. AlthoughHFCS isn't the only cause for obesity in Americans, it's a problem nonetheless.That's why home soda makers are such a great option.

Home Soda Machines

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So how do home soda machines figure into the debate? Home soda makers offer analternative to traditional soda pop. With a home soda maker you can make beverages just the way you want to. Home soda makers put thecontrol in your hands. Whether you're making regular soda or diet, you add theflavor for the ultimate outcome.

There's no need to worry about HFCS's either. Home soda machine makers likeSodastream offer flavors that are HFCS free. Regular soda flavors are HFCS free and diet soda flavorsare aspartame free. So if the HFCS and aspartame debate makes you question thehealthiness of traditional store bought soda, opt for a home soda maker instead.

Most home soda makers are inexpensive and provide ahealthy alternative to store bought soda. They're lower in calories, and they're lower overall in carbs, sugar, sodium, and caffeine. These are excellent benefits for anyonelooking to eliminate store bought soda pop from their diet.

The Sodastream home soda maker offers the perfect example. In comparison to popular store bought brands, the Sodastream cola contains:

  • 34 calories
  • 9g of carbs
  • 9g of sugar
  • 2mg of sodium
  • 15 mg of caffeine

Sodastream offers a comparison showing that popular storebought brands contain:

  • 100 calories
  • 27g of carbs
  • 27g of sugar
  • 35mg of sodium
  • 25 mg of caffeine

So if childhood disease is a concern for you, or you simply want to move awayfrom the aspartame and HFCS debate, using a home soda machine is a great way todo it.

Most home soda makers offer flavors like Cola, Cherry Cola,Cream Soda, Root Beer, Orange, and Ginger Ale for flavor variety. And there aredozens more to choose from. There's a flavor guaranteed to suit your palate.Just because you choose to use a home soda machine doesn't mean you lose theflavor store bought soda offers. If you're a diet soda drinker, then you canstill enjoy the same flavor variety.

Awareness is key. In the beginning we posed the question: Does drinking sodalead to health problems like diabetes, heart disease, or obesity? Research anddecide. The numbers provided show home soda makers are the healthieralternative. Protecting our kids means looking at the facts and making adetermination for ourselves. Is a home soda maker right fro you and your family?

Home soda machines are one way to enjoy a flavorful soda beverage without all the additives.