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Top Summer Camps for Kids, Fire Pits & Getting Active this Summer

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Remember the movie Parent Trap? Twice produced by Walt Disney, this movie shows just how fun and sometimes extraordinary camp life can be. Summer and summer camp is a tradition, your kids shouldn't miss. Going to camp is always fun. Not only do kids get to vacation from their parents for a week or more, but they get to socialize with friends they see every year, play games, and eat camp food.

What are the benefits? With childhood obesity on the rise and too many kids spending their summer inactive and in front of the TV, computer, or video game console, camp activities keep them psychologically stimulated over summer and physically active at the same time. Every camp, whether it's a sports camp or an arts and crafts camp, offer plenty of activities to keep kids in tip-top shape.

So where are you sending you kids this summer? Below are some ideas. With a little extra research and this basic information you can find a great fit for your kids.

Sports Camps

US Sports Camp is the official operator of Nike Sports Camps. Founded in 1975, they are one of the largest sports camps in the network. Nike Sports Camps is a great way for your kids to enjoy sports and get connected with other kids. If you have a football player in the family, then send them to a football camp. Nike offers contact and non-contact forms, so no matter what your child is used to, he'll enjoy it. Here are a few features Nike Camps focus on:

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  • Training under the country's best coaches
  • Players are carefully grouped by age and ability
  • Skill development drills and qualified staff
  • Create self-confidence and make new friends
  • Learn basics depending on camp type

There are a variety of sports camps available through Nike including:

  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Softball, baseball, basketball, golf and more

Outdoor Recreation & Intellectual Stimulation

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Send your kids to Maine. Camp Fernwood, as recommended by Boston Magazine, offers a close-knit atmosphere and a variety of electives for older children. Since 1921, this camp has offered girls a place to get connected and have some fun. This camp offers a mature staff and friendly atmosphere all centered around one of the best sandy beaches in the Northeast. This is a girl's camp and includes some of the following activities:

  • White water canoeing
  • Mountain hiking
  • Rock climbing

Choose from more activities like art, water sports, and a variety of land sports. All campers live in grand wood bunks of another era, simply and without electricity. Their philosophy states that Fernwood "is dedicated to the growth of character and nurturing traits such as tolerance, unselfishness, and an appreciation of a simpler life in the out-of-doors." They step from the world, into activity areas that challenge them to learn more about themselves and others.

Another unique option is Camp Emerson. Here, you kids can enjoy a two, four, or six week stay and choose from over 50 activities in which to participate. Whether you love sports, science, art, or water sports, there's always something fun to do. This camp is designed for the independent and mature child. Receive in-depth instruction in studio arts, performing arts, science, athletics and wilderness survival. The Step Beyond program is a collection of activities spanning the sciences, technology and arts for those who want to be intellectually stimulated and challenged.

Special Interest Camps

If you have a child with special interests try Pali Adventures. Here you kids can take part in a variety of activities like culinary, broadcasting, DJ, film, and dance. There's even a Secret Agent camp where kids get to learn paintball tactics and strategy, martial arts, and zipline. This camp offers virtually anything and everything at the same time. There's leadership camp for older kids, and movie make-up academy to teach kids all the secrets behind make-up magic. Broadcast students are in charge of all camp new and announcements.

There is an eclectic selection of camps to choose from, all are integrative and provide your child with the knowledge they need to explore what they love.

So have fun this summer. Go to camp, spend evenings around outside fire pits, roast marshmellows, make s'mores, and tell ghost stories. Go swimming and get active. It's a great way for kids to learn something news about themselves and develop new skills all in the name of fun!

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